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Transport Samples


The transport samples demonstrate using Neuron ESB Client Connectors and Service Connectors and the various out-of-the-box Bindings that can be used with them. There are several samples:

  • BasicHttp
    • One-Way
    • Request-Reply
  • NetMsmq
    • One-Way
  • NetTcp
    • One-Way
    • Request-Reply
  • WSHttp
    • One-Way
    • Request-Reply

The BasicHttp binding is used for communicating with web services that are ASMX based or conform to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1 set of specifications.

The NetMsmq binding is a queued binding suitable for communication across systems. An MSMQ queue is one-way only, though two queues can be used together for bidirectional communication.

The NetTcp binding is a synchronous binding that is suitable for transferring mainly binary information, such as uploading a file. It is considered one of the faster methods of communication.

The WSHttp binding is used for securely transferring information across Http. It uses both the WS-Reliable Messaging and WS-Security specifications for reliable messaging and message security. The messages are encoded in the Text/XML format.

Each Sample includes a client and service project. The client projects call a Neuron ESB Client Connector using the specified WCF binding, and Neuron routes that message to the service project using the same WCF binding.

Running the Sample

Open the Sample

To open this sample, see the topic Using the Neuron Samples and select one of the samples under Transports.

Setup Instructions

Before running this sample, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Visual Studio project that opens, build the entire solution.

Run Instructions

  1. Use Visual Studio to start up all projects.
  2. Once all programs have connected to the ESB, press Enter on the client to initiate communication.
Figure 1: The Client program for the BasicHttp transport ready to send a message
  1. As the sample runs, the client sends a message to the ESB and displays the response.
Figure 2: The Server program for the BasicHttp transport after receiving the message
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