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Gain End-To-End Integration with a Comprehensive Web-Based Portal to Increase your Productivity by 400%

Learn more about our Industry-Leading Peregrine Connect Application, API, and Workflow Integration Platform

Increased Productivity
IT Cost Savings
Faster Integration

The ultimate Management Suite to gain in-depth insights into all your environments

The Peregrine Connect Management Suite is a comprehensive web-based portal that allows your organization to Manage, Organize, and Securely Monitor all your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid integrations and API Deployments with an all-in-one out of the box platform.

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Peregrine Connect Management Suite Brings you the Insights, Flexibility, Customizations and Freedom that your Organization Needs

Whether these environments are deployed on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, API resources can be created and managed within the Management Suite. Business processes are scheduled to your liking. Alerts can be operationalized, and Historical & Real-Time Monitoring are available with all application deployments.

infographic - Create and Manage API resources
Dashboard - Manage Your APIs and Integration

Gain 360 Degree View and Control Over Your Environments with Management Suite

Peregrine Connect Management Suite capabilities includes the following:

  • Environment Management
  • Task based Security
  • OAuth and OpenID Support
  • Event Processing Service
  • Alerting and Notifications
  • Job Scheduling
  • Operations Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring & Reporting
  • API Management
  • Workflow Tracking

Create Application and Operational Alerts to Notify you of Important Thresholds that are Being Met

Create custom notifications to manage your operations and overall health. The Management Suite Dashboard enables you to create, subscribe to SMS or email notifications, set timeframes, and send automated alerts based on pre-defined parameters. We provide our customers fast alerting and visibility into any potential problems. Set up alerts for your team members with Wizards and ensure systems stay online. Rather than reacting to critical issues, you can take preventative steps to avoid these instances.

Alerting Capabilities Include:

  • Subscribe-able alerts
  • Operational or Application focused Alerts
  • Alerts can be created based on either thresholds or metrics
  • Alerts through SMS Text Messaging or Email
  • Detailed Reports on what, when and why alerts fired can be obtained through reporting
  • HTML Template
Dashboard - Scheduler

Schedule Any Integration Task

Highly customizable color-coded calendar scheduler. Supporting custom data and pass messages during job executions. You can also use custom .Net core assemblies to run scheduled tasks that rely on any external library or existing libraries for batch jobs.

Capabilities Include:

  • Custom Schedule jobs
  • Organized color-coded calendar
  • Support CRON expressions
  • Reporting History
  • Support Triggers
  • Customers can create their own custom jobs and execute them to their liking
  • Schedule Neuron ESB Business processes
  • Support Custom Calendars

Built-in Security for a Smooth Integration

Provide Authentication and Authorization for your environments with highly customizable permissions, encryption, and PCI compliant password policies. Use Management Suite’s OpenID and OAuth provider to issue tokens for API resources.

Capabilities Include:

  • OpenID and OAuth compliant Provider
  • Azure Active Directory Support
  • Support for 3rd Party OpenID and OAuth providers
  • 2-factor Authentication
  • Custom task level permissions
  • Users and Roles
  • Password Policy
  • API Token generation
  • Encryption key generation and management
roles users dashboard
secured apis

Do away with expensive solutions to secure your APIs

Management Suite’s API Management extends authorization and authentication to Neuron ESB hosted APIs using OpenID/OAuth Tokens. Neuron ESB hosted APIs can be defined as API resources. Consumers can be created using unique IDs and secrets, or they can be defined as Users within the Management Suite. Client Credentials, PKCE and Hybrid grant types are all supported.

Capabilities Include:

  • Create API Resources
  • Create Consumers
  • Issue Tokens
  • Create and Manage Scopes
  • Provides Reporting and Tracing

How to Create Your Deployment Environments

Managing existing Neuron ESB Environments is easy using the Management Suite Environment Wizard. Just authorize users, select machines, and enable the Environment!

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