A streamlined end-to-end integration
management experience.

The Peregrine Management Suite is a web-based portal with the sophisticated security management and health monitoring capabilities you
need, all in one place. Built in and actionable from your own personalized dashboard, it provides critical alerting systems, security and historical
reporting for your Neuron ESB runtime environments.


Historical Data:
the Key to Success

Develop, test and deploy integration management solutions—on prem or in the cloud—with an unmatched level of actionable detail and historical data. Peregrine Management Suite allows you to easily narrow in on granular detail of a moment in time for any event. View CPU utilization, overlay charts, and see exactly what’s affecting performance.

Personalized Dashboard

Gain quick, personalized access to the data and controls you need to get the job done. The Peregrine dashboard allows you to select reports, environments and other key elements and organize them for instant, at-a-glance visibility.


Real-time and Historic Reporting

Instantly monitor the real-time and historic health of all application and servers from the Peregrine dashboard. Whether your perspective is from administration, operations or app dev, you will benefit from a new granular visibility that will allow you to quickly drill down to the root cause of an issue. View warnings, error message rates, and CPU and memory usage for proper diagnosis and planning.

  • Workflow tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • Message tracking
  • Alerts

Custom Alerting

Create custom alerts for proactive health and operations management. The Peregrine alerting system allows you to create, subscribe to, set timeframes for and send automated alerts based on pre-defined parameters. Rather than reacting to issues, you can take steps to avoid them.

Built-in Security

Protect on-prem or cloud application data access with highly customizable
permissions, encryption and password policies. PCI-compliant out of the box, the Peregrine Management Suite replaces the need for 3rd party security components.

  • Open ID and Federated Auth settings
  • Password policy
  • Azure Active Directory support
  • API Auth Token generation
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • Encryption key generation and management
  • Custom permissions

Remote Operations

Reduce the cost of operationally maintaining your environment. Peregrine
Management Suite lets you manage, monitor and test your entire set of
software deployment environments remotely—from development to QA through
performance and production. View all environments at a glance and instantly
drill down to any point in time to get to the root cause of issues.

  • Install and manage remotely
  • Drill down to root causes quickly with timestamped errors, CPU usage and other statistics
  • Remotely deploy patches across an entire environment
  • Set security access by user

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