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Neuron Messaging infographic

Hierarchical topic-based messaging enables you to more closely mirror your organizational hierarchy or even business semantics. Neuron ESB provides configurable network transports, queueing support and event-based client API that can be hosted inside your .NET applications, making it easy to configure applications with low latency, in-memory routing characteristics, or guaranteed, once-only message delivery that can't tolerate loss.

Rich message routing options

Neuron ESB supports a rich variety of routing options, including topic, content, dynamic, rules, and itinerary. Use Neuron ESB message routing to connect and abstract any service API (SOAP/REST) or connector endpoint (e.g., SAP, Salesforce, NetSuite, Dynamics), as well as applications hosted either on-premises or in the cloud. 

Used in concert with mediation, Neuron ESB's message routing enables you to dynamically change and configure your environment quickly without impacting other systems or functions.

Flexible topic-level configuration

Most integration products relegate messaging to a single transport, providing few if any quality-of-service (QoS) options. With Neuron ESB, you can centrally customize the underlying messaging transport, as well as QoS options, to meet your business requirements. Neuron ESB provides both guaranteed and low latency, in-memory message delivery. You can also configure message auditing, compression, encryption and throttling at the topic level.


Comprehensive message mediation

Neuron ESB's unique processing and workflow implementations give you complete access to the message body, as well as all ambient and custom message properties, so you can apply any necessary business and translation requirements.

You can attach Neuron ESB business processes to the publish and subscribe events of endpoints to control message processing (VETO, scatter/gather patterns) and implement custom dynamic routing scenarios. Workflows can subscribe to messages to perform more complex and long-running processes.

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