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Neuron ESB 3.7.5 provides many new features, enhancements, connectors, and over 100+ product enhancements.

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Neuron ESB 3.7.5: Built on the Same Principles of SOA and
Microservices as the Natural Choice

Using Neuron ESB 3.7.5, organizations can now choose to run a service, (or group of services), as a fully independent service that can be scaled in or out based on consumption using platform services like Docker.
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Migration from 3.6

This release introduces significant changes in Neuron ESB’s runtime environment and infrastructure. In consideration of this, users must upgrade elements of any existing solutions before attempting to run them using Neuron ESB 3.7.5. Other changes may be necessary if users have modified or introduced custom settings in Neuron ESB’s native .config files, specifically in the AppSettings section. Overall, the migration should be straight forward for most users. One of the first things a user must do is update any existing solutions by opening them directly in the new version of the Neuron ESB Explorer.

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