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Fast track your integrations with low code/no code connectivity, APIs and automated workflows

Simplify connectivity and manage your APIs, applications, and systems seamlessly with Peregrine Connect.
Our .NET integration platform allows you to effortlessly develop no-code/low-code solutions that automate your workflows and business processes.
Accelerate feature deployment and reduce IT expenses by harnessing your existing resources, making the most of your technology investments.
Enjoy access to a wide range of high-quality pre-built connectors that simplify integration and expand your capabilities.

Neuron ESB

Connect, Integrate and Automate

Elevate your integration game with a user-friendly toolset that not only lowers the bar of entry and easy learning curve but also allows you to automate everything from your connections, APIs, and applications.

Complex problems become simple to solve, and you don’t need to be a technical user to do it.

Develop your solutions from weeks to days, significantly accelerating your time to market.


Management Suite

Take Control over your Integration Environments

Proactively monitor, schedule, and manage your critical applications and integration processes. Gain real-time insights into all your environments to maintain optimal performance for all your business operations.

Design Studio

Design, build, and test integrations in a fraction of the time

Design Studio elevates your Neuron ESB solutions by providing comprehensive designer-based visualizations for process flows, message flows, and workflows.

Our intuitive drag-and-drop graphical designer empowers you to create integrations from the ground up or harness our time-saving templates effortlessly.


FlightPath Data Mapper

User-Friendly Graphical Data Mapping Tool

Experience the power of Peregrine Connect’s FlightPath, an easy-to-use graphical data mapper that simplifies any-to-any data type conversions, auto-mapping, and live document generation for both source and target systems.

With FlightPath, you can dramatically decrease the time and effort needed for these tasks.

This intuitive, no-code graphical user interface enables seamless data integration, tackling even the most intricate mapping challenges with ease.

NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project

Integrate NetSuite PSA Seamlessly with Microsoft Project through Our Add-In

Our NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project allows seamless real-time information exchange, preserving task dependencies and assignments.

It facilitates online collaboration, time tracking, and ensures up-to-date project status, streamlining tasks from planning to billing, and enhancing collaboration for project managers and teams.


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