Providing next generation platform capabilities for designing,
connecting and managing enterprise integrations.

Peregrine Connect introduces actionable visibility, pin-point diagnostics, and unified control across your entire set of integration environments, all from the Peregrine Management Suite. Using Peregrine's Design Studio, organizations can connect their applications, create APIs, and run their own business processes in a matter of minutes.

Enterprise Integration
at a fraction of the cost

Provides everything your developers need to be more productive and achieve enterprise-wide integration. By leveraging your existing .NET skills, Peregrine Connect can cut costs up to 80% and dramatically expedite the delivery of your solutions. Reduce custom development cycles and modernize your enterprise faster, easier, and reduce costs.

Secure from the Start

Leverage customizable permissions, authentication, encryption and password policies to control access and protect data. It’s all built-in. PCI-compliant out of the box, Peregrine Connect eliminates the need of managing 3rd-party security tools.


A bird’s-eye view of everything

See each connection, and every flow and process at a glance. With true end-to-end visibility, design becomes easier and management becomes more effective. And you don’t need a PhD to figure it all out.

Eliminate Management headaches

Instantly add security, health monitoring, alerting, remote operations
and more to existing runtime environments.


Simpler, less expensive operations

Take advantage of time-saving business flow templates, security setup wizards, remote patching and diagnostic data that gets to the root cause faster. Peregrine Connect lets you use your own in-house Microsoft .Net skills in place of expensive consulting engagements.


"Using Peregrine's Neuron ESB to efficiently process and deliver content to thousands of
users worldwide, Thomson Reuters will be able to significantly cut costs from their previous connectivity solutions."

— Sam Kashambuzi, Director of IT, Thomson Reuters

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