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Peregrine Connect abstracts and extends Rabbit MQ, providing more reliable messaging options while removing complexity for the developer.

Neuron ESB enhances RabbitMQ by exposing it as a Transport option within its existing Messaging engine. Neuron ESB’s Messaging infrastructure for asynchronous communication, event-driven architecture, and integration with diverse services and systems adds reliability, flexibility, scalability, and enterprise level features on top of RabbitMQ. Neuron ESB abstracts the implementation from developers so that integration designers don’t' have to know the intricacies of RabbitMQ.


Neuron ESB harnesses the power of RabbitMQ as its backbone for publish/subscribe message processing. Messages are published to RabbitMQ for delivery to subscribing applications, services, and workflows. RabbitMQ provides a lightweight messaging infrastructure that is scalable, easy to deploy, and maintain. Neuron ESB exposes most RabbitMQ features for fine-tuning your messaging infrastructure, and provides advanced features on top of RabbitMQ like complex conditional subscriptions, poison message handling, monitoring, and alerting.

*Connects with RabbitMQ Version RabbitMQ 3.9 and higher


Discover how top organizations across industries leverage RabbitMQ for effortless Data Access from Large Applications and IoT devices. Elevate your integration experience with Neuron ESB’s RabbitMQ connector, seamlessly linking your application to RabbitMQ. Our connector streamlines Message Exchanges with RabbitMQ Topics and Queues. Whether you’re receiving data from RabbitMQ or sending processed messages, Neuron ESB empowers you to analyze, enhance, and transform data for streamlines workflows and enhanced services.

*Requires with RabbitMQ Version RabbitMQ 3.9 and higher

Distinguishing Our Uniqueness for RabbitMQ Developers

What sets us apart from other vendors is our ability to seamlessly expose RabbitMQ features, allowing you to fine-tune your messaging infrastructure at your convenience. What makes us truly unique is our pluggable topic transport layer that allows users to configure their quality-of-service at the Topic level. Unlike traditional approaches, we handle the creation of the RabbitMQ infrastructure dynamically for your solution. Users don’t need to delve into the intricacies of RabbitMQ to use any of the quality-of-service features that we provide. We’ve significantly reduced the learning curve for adopting RabbitMQ within your organization.

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High Availability & Failover

Maintain high availability with support for RabbitMQ Cluster

Infrastructure Management

Seamlessly configure RabbitMQ Queues, Exchanges, etc. On start-up, Eliminating the need for admins to maintain the RabbitMQ infrastructure.

RabbitMQ Monitoring

Monitor all your Topics, Parties and Endpoints that are configured to use the RabbitMQ transport

SSL Enable

Neuron ESB supports SSL as well as client authentication when using a RabbitMQ based topic

Alert Notification with Peregrine Management Suite

Alert Notification with Peregrine Management Suite

RabbitMQ Quorum Queues

Support for Quorum Queues, offering increased data safety and underlying topic’s queues.

Dead Letter Processing

Custom dead letter processor, Exchange and Queue to handle messages that fail to be delivered to a subscriber

Publish Confirm Transactions

Enhanced support for the Publish Confirm model, making it more reliable and performant

Poison Message handling

Supporting blocking and non-blocking poison message handling.

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