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Neuron Workflow Infographic

Build a long-running, fault-tolerant workflow to execute resilient business processes. Neuron ESB Workflow extends Microsoft’s .NET 4.5 Workflow Foundation API by adding tools, infrastructure, activities, a hosting environment and services necessary to deliver enterprise-level features, performance and scalability on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Increased scalability and performance

There's no need to use Microsoft Windows Failover Clustering. Neuron ESB's robust hosting environment provides high availability and failover support that enables workflows, in the event of failure, to automatically restart where they left off on the next available server. If a server becomes overutilized, pending workflows will allocate automatically to other remaining servers.

And Neuron ESB allows you to execute across multiple servers, so you can scale when and where you need it most.

Advanced monitoring and tracking

Advanced tracking and historical reporting lets you see in real time exactly what workflow activities have executed, and determine the state of each workflow at the time of execution. Upon timeout, workflows automatically persist to the database until the system receives the next activity. Then Neuron ESB's Scheduler reactivates the workflow to continue execution. You can also unload, abort, cancel or restart workflows individually or in groups directly from the tracking system.


Powerful workflow design capabilities

  • Build enterprise-grade solutions across processes, machines, and organizations
  • Easily deploy singleton, request/response, and delegation patterns
  • Create any workflow pattern or activity that WF API supports
  • Import existing workflows directly into Neuron ESB's Workflow Designer
  • Quickly build simple or complex workflows with 80+ shipped activities
  • Write .NET C# code directly within a workflow for easy extensibility
  • Automatically correlate received messages to running or persisted workflows

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