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Neuron ESB includes a library of high-quality, reliable connectors to help you reduce the cost and time to market of your next integration project. Each connector is based on real-world requirements and makes quick work of integrating common on-premise and cloud applications, as well as most protocol, database, and queueing technologies.

And for those one-of-a-kind legacy systems and applications, Neuron ESB enables you to quickly and easily build high-quality custom connectors to your exact specifications using Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Low cost connection

When it comes to simplifying integration, no other product can compete with Neuron ESB’s flexibility, performance and price. Neuron ESB’s library of reliable connectors handle many use cases other integration products can’t, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to write additional code to enhance or replace an existing connector that doesn’t fit your needs.

And you won’t have to waste time and money on specialized training and services; because Neuron ESB’s connectors are simple .NET components that your .NET developers already know how to create.

Automated metadata generation

Stop wasting time building metadata to describe messages to and from source systems. Neuron ESB’s Connector Metadata Generation Wizard quickly ascertains system messages in standardized formats like XML or JSON, and then generates metadata that can be used by business processes or workflows to validate, transform and even enrich the messages.

You won’t have to figure out a system’s underlying APIs and communication infrastructure. Neuron ESB’s type-agnostic design enables you to quickly adapt your solutions to avoid complex deployment scenarios or recompiling assemblies.

Simplified process integration

Many integration products offer connectors that only integrate external systems. They’re not built to easily handle other common integration tasks, like applying business domain-specific rules, mediating formats between two or more systems due to data inconsistencies, and automating or orchestrating business processes.

Neuron ESB’s Graphical Business Process Designer simplifies things by separating process design from connectivity design, allowing Neuron ESB connectors to integrate directly with Neuron ESB business processes and workflow.

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