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Design Your Integration to Maximize Your Organizations Operational Efficiency

Peregrine Connect’s Design Studio dramatically reduces the time and complexity of integration development. Crafted for citizen integrators and developers with user-friendly, drag-and-drop graphical designers. Efficiently build integrations whether starting from scratch or leveraging Design Studios time-saving integration templates to streamline your processes.

Design Studio + Management Suite = End-to-End Integration Lifecycle Management

Design Studio helps your developers create integrations. Management Suite is used by your IT Ops team to create, manage and monitor the environments that host the integrations. When combined, attain a new level of automation between your developers and IT Ops.


Improve Quality with Our Testing Tools

  • Unit Test Business Processes & Workflows – Refine and debug your processes and workflows by examining the input and output of each design component. Utilize breakpoints to effectively pause the testing process.
  • End-to-End Integration Testing – Test your APIs by imitating a Web client or test within the Neuron ESB messaging system.

Manage Your Source Code with Git

  • Source Code Management – Managing source code shouldn’t be a challenge. Design Studio includes Git integration with some of the most popular Git repositories like GitHub.
  • Clone, Pull, Add, Commit – You don’t have to be an expert with Git. Perform basic Git commands with just a few clicks.
  • Compare changes before committing – Leverage Design Studio’s Compare Tool to validate any Neuron ESB object before committing.

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