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Design, build and test integration environments
in a fraction of the time.

Peregrine Connect's Design Studio dramatically reduces the time and complexity of integration development. With a bird’s eye view of every business
flow and drag-and-drop connectivity, it’s never been easier or faster to design, manage and test complex integration flows. Use it to improve
visibility and management of existing Neuron ESB environments or design all new integration flows.


Connect to Any System with Ease

Peregrine's Design Studio makes it possible for just about anyone with Microsoft .NET skills to develop integrations, either from scratch or by using one of Design Studio’s time-saving integration templates.

Built for use by seasoned consultants and citizen integrators alike, the Design Studio makes it easier and faster for everyone to understand existing environments and build new solutions, no matter how complex.

Management Suite Integration

Peregrine's Design Studio is backward compatible with Neuron ESB environments, improving your end-to-end visibility of existing environments and significantly simplifying future integration design and testing. The Design Studio setup wizard will have you monitoring existing environments in minutes.


Application and Business Flow Design

View application flows from end-to-end and see exactly how all the components of an integration interact. This capability not only shortens ramp-up time for developers new to the environment, it also shortens the process of adding new business flows.

Security Design

Secure out of the Box

Peregrine's Design Studio wizard guides you quickly through the steps to setup your environment, administration settings, password policies, roles and users.

Business Process and
Workflow Design

Unify design elements and simplify end-to-end testing and support in even the
most complex business processes.


Built in Source Control

Integrate directly with source control systems, portals and
other environments.

  • API Connections
  • Connectors
  • Messaging
  • One-Click Deploy
  • End-to-End testing

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