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.NET Runtime

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Built entirely on .NET, Neuron ESB leverages the same features you already rely on to develop and manage your organization's .NET infrastructure. You'll be able to use your existing skills, .NET libraries, WCF services and WF workflows natively in Neuron ESB, helping you speed development and reduce costly services and operational overhead.

High availability

Neuron ESB uses the .NET platform's built-in features, such as windows clustering, load balancing and always-on SQL Server, to quickly deliver scalable services to meet changing customer needs.

Neuron ESB gives you the choice of using either TCP and named pipes for real-time messaging, or Microsoft MSMQ and RabbitMQ for highly available, durable and reliable messaging. Neuron ESB also deploys dedicated runtime hosts and .NET application domains for process isolation and management.

Operations friendly

Use familiar tools and protocols to monitor and manage Neuron ESB. Report run-time statistics through WMI performance counters and events, and the Windows event log. Control access security through Active Directory integration. You can also configure Kerberos for Neuron ESB's service endpoints.


Unmatched extensibility

Neuron ESB is the most extensible integration product built for the Microsoft platform. Its .NET-based runtime host simplifies integration by enabling your .NET developers to use Microsoft Visual Studio, familiar .NET languages, and the skills and assets they already have to build application and technology connectors, process steps and workflow activities faster and easier than any other integration product.

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