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Maximize your APIs and Integration with an 8.5X Faster Response Time with Neuron ESB

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Modernize and digitally transform your business with the Peregrine Connect Integration Platform. Make your organization, smarter, stronger, and more responsive with Neuron ESB!

Neuron ESB enables you to leverage your existing .NET resources to quickly and easily connect and extend your line-of-business systems, APIs, and applications with cloud or on-premise hosting in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of other integration products. With capabilities to accelerate the adoption of service-oriented architecture and Microservice deployment models. We have designed our integration tool to maximize your productivity and cut deployment time in half.

Cloud Connection

Flow data between cloud apps and on-premise systems to gain a 360° view of your business.

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SOA Connection

Surface new business capabilities securely across mobile devices and in the cloud to enable IoT.

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Any Connection

Simplify integration using connectors and graphical designers to connect anything, anytime, anywhere.

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Neuron ESB infographic

The Future is Here Neuron ESB

Neuron ESB is highly sophisticated and dedicated to transforming and digitizing businesses worldwide. It allows you to create new capabilities to your liking seamlessly by connecting all systems, APIs, and applications, whether on-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid environment. Organizations can automate complex manual processes using Neuron ESB’s Workflow and Business Process Tools.

Neurons Capabilities include the Following:

  • Microsoft .Net Simplicity and Extensibility
  • Visual Data Mapper with Auto Mapping and Testing
  • Graphical Business Process  Designers
  • API Service Gateway and  Connections
  • Microservices Hosting Model
  • B2B Connectivity
  • Application, Protocol and Database Connectors
  • Publish/Subscribe Messaging
  • Long Running Workflow and Tracking
  • Client and Service OAuth Security Providers
  • Environment Variable Deployment Support
  • Windows Docker Container Support (WCOW)
  • Service Routing and Pass Thru Configuration
  • Management Suite Integration for Monitoring
  • Hybrid On-Premise and Cloud Hosting
  • Scheduling of Business Process Jobs
Neuron ESB infographic
neuron Data Mapper

Sophisticated Data Mapping and Testing

The Visual Data Mapper has the flexibility to map data elements to and from XML, JSON, or Flat file formats, whether that information is originating from APIs, Applications, or Databases. The Data Mapper can automatically map similar elements across from source to target documents, making you even more productive. Scriptlets and Expressions allow users to easily build out complex translations across data elements and test individual translations in real-time.

Management Suite Monitoring

The Management Suite stands well above all other competitors in the field when it comes to the daily management and monitoring of deployed Neuron ESB solutions. Whether these environments are deployed on premise or in the cloud, once managed, API Resources can be created and secured, Business Processes can be scheduled, Alerts can be operationalized and subscribed to and, historical and real time monitoring can be made available for the applications deployed. Dashboards can be created for swift and easy access to features used the most. The Management Suite provides organizations with hawk-like visibility into current and historical performance metrics.

monitoring dashboard
api management

Advanced APIs Capabilities

Neuron ESB provides the ability to work with SOAP or REST (Cloud API) based services. Neuron ESB can host services (webhooks) or route to existing services. Services can be isolated and deployed with a Microservice hosting model and even be containerized using Docker. Services can be created through a few clicks within the Neuron ESB Explorer. All popular security models are supported, including SSL, Certificates, Windows Authentication, WS-Security and OAuth. Complex Dynamic routing and Service Pass-Thru can be accomplished through simple configuration. Service Orchestration capabilities are embedded within the Business Process designer. Integration with the Management Suite’s API Management allows users to create API resources from Neuron ESB hosted services, create consumers for them, issue tokens while tracking and reporting on usage and performance.

Docker Containers for Deployment

Using Neuron ESB, users can now deploy individual Endpoint Hosts in Docker to Windows Containers on Windows (WCOW). This means users can assign individual endpoints within Neuron ESB to specific Endpoint Hosts, running those hosts in Docker while still managing real-time and historical monitoring information using the Management Suite. Most vendors have chosen to treat Containers like Virtual Machines, negating the advantages of containerization altogether. NOT Peregrine Connect!

docker containers infographic
neuron screenshot business process
neuron scheduler

Real Time Business Process Design

Neuron ESB’s Business Process Designer provides a powerful drag and drop graphical environment for organizations to model simple to the complex business process. This platform helps solution architects and business stakeholders accelerate development and digitize processes to turn insights into business actions quickly. It provides a foundation for service API business logic, service orchestration, validation, mediation, enrichment, and message transformation by supporting complex control flows like parallel processing and asynchronous batch splitting. Neuron ESB provides tools that allow users to test and debug Business Processes to identify business risks and bottlenecks. Business Processes can be scheduled using the Management Suite’s Job Scheduler. Like every part of Neuron ESB, the Business Process Designer can be easily extended using Microsoft .NET.

Workflow Automation and Tracking

The Workflow Designer and runtime are unique in providing fault-tolerant, business resilient processing that can run for hours, days, weeks, or months. Users can track the details of their business process at any time and replay the events. Workflows are designed using a drag and drop graphical user interface that allows organizations to build out complex processes and correlate incoming events into running workflows. If a critical machine failure occurs, Workflows will automatically startup on the designated failover machine and continue where they left off. If a Workflow fails, it can be restarted where it left off once the failure condition has been corrected. Like the Business Process Designer, complex control flows like parallel processing and asynchronous batch splitting are supported and the ability to test Workflows before deployment. Workflow is the tool to use when organizations must address long-running transactions and complex correlations and delegation scenarios or automate everyday manual tasks.

Workflow Dashboards
connectors infographic

Application Connectors for your Business

Neuron ESB includes a library of high-quality, reliable connectors to reduce cost and time to market your next integration project. Each connector is based on real-world requirements and does quick work of integrating common on-premise and cloud applications and most protocol, database, and queueing technologies. And for those one-of-a-kind legacy systems and applications, Neuron ESB enables you to quickly and easily build high-quality custom connectors to your exact specifications using Microsoft Visual Studio.

On-premise, Hybrid and Cloud Support

Flow data between cloud applications and on-premise systems to gain a 360-degree view of your business. Use Built-in adapters to connect on-premise systems with existing cloud APIs and Business Processes. Virtualizing applications on local private cloud servers and in large public cloud data centers reduce infrastructure maintenance costs and simplifies the development and management of distributed applications. Neuron ESB further simplifies distributed applications by supporting Windows Containers and Virtual Machine deployment, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

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