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The Future is Here, it’s Neuron ESB!

Neuron ESB is highly sophisticated and dedicated to transforming and digitizing businesses worldwide. Empowering you to develop efficient integrations by connecting all systems, APIs, and applications, whether on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid environment. Organizations can automate complex manual processes using Neuron ESB’s Workflow and Business Process Tools. We have designed our integration tools to maximize your productivity and cut deployment time in half.

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    Use your existing .NET resources to create your own connectors, process steps and workflow activities that plug directly into Neuron ESB.
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    Graphically map data elements to and from XML, JSON or Flat File formats. An extensive library of transformation functions is available to simplify the mapping process.
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    Quickly create your APIs and integrations with our drag-and-drop designers.
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    Track and manage all your internal and external API connections.
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    Build independent APIs based on different backends and hosted on different servers using our library of application, database and protocol connectors.
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    Neuron ESB includes an extensive library of the commonly used connectors
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    Decouple your systems from each other, allowing them to communicate without having a dependency on, or knowledge of, other systems.
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    Easily schedule the execution of Neuron ESB's Business Processes with the integrated scheduling tool provided within the Management Suite.
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    Neuron ESB can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Pick a hosting model that suites your business requirements.
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    Use Peregrine Connect’s Management Suite to monitor the health of Neuron ESB deployments and view message and workflow tracking data.
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    Quickly create new APIs that route requests directly to internal back-end APIs or business applications.
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    Stabilize environments, optimize resource usage, and rapidly deploy and scale with Docker and Kubernetes.
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    Easily configure and deploy environment-specific variables such as application configuration properties
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    Secure inbound and outbound API calls with our extendable OAuth provider framework.
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    Peregrine Connect’s Workflow designer simplifies the creation of long-running workflows by providing built-in support for complex patterns such as correlated messaging and message aggregation.

FlightPath Data Mapping and Testing

  • Map between XML, JSON, or Flat file formats
  • Auto-Map Similar Elements From Source to Target
  • Use transformation functions to simplify your data transformations
  • Test your data map in real-time

Real Time Business Process Design

  • Provides a powerful drag-and-drop graphical environment to model simple to complex business processes
  • Implement service API business logic, service orchestration, validation, mediation, enrichment, and message transformation patterns
  • Test and debug Business Processes to identify business risks and bottlenecks
  • Schedule Business Processes using the Management Suite’s Job Scheduler

Workflow Automation and Tracking

  • Build fault-tolerant business resilient processes that can run for hours, days, weeks, or months
  • View the status of workflow instances at any time
  • Failed workflows can be restarted once the failure conditions are corrected
  • If a workflow host fails, a designated failover host will resume processing running workflows
Application Connectors for your Business 2

Application Connectors for your Business

Extensive library of high-quality, reliable connectors
Streamline connectivity to on-premises and cloud applications, protocols, databases, and queuing technologies
Easily build custom connectors to your exact requirements using Microsoft .NET

Docker & Kubernetes Support

Deploy Neuron ESB endpoint hosts in Docker
Assign specific endpoints to dedicated hosts within Kubernetes
Multiple containers can be configured in active – active configuration by using common cloud-based storage or SMB shared storage to provide high availability and failover

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Management Suite Monitoring-1
Management Suite Monitoring-2

Management Suite Monitoring

Daily management and monitoring of deployed Neuron ESB solutions
Secure Neuron ESB APIs with OAuth 2.0
Schedule Neuron ESB business processes with our highly customizable calendar
Receive notifications to prevent critical issues via SMS and Email to proactively manage and resolve problems in real time

Flexible Deployment Options: Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid

Virtualizing applications on local private cloud servers and in large public cloud data centers reduces infrastructure maintenance costs and simplifies the development and management of distributed applications.

Neuron ESB further simplifies distributed applications by supporting Windows Containers and Virtual Machine deployment, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


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