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The Best Way to Sync Data Between Microsoft Project and NetSuite PSA

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Project managers can continue using the same tools they always used for managing projects, while providing them the ability to synchronize project data between Microsoft Project and NetSuite Professional Services Automation (PSA).

*PSA formerly known as services resource planning (SRP)


Synchronization of NetSuite PSA and Microsoft Project

  • Maintain projects in Microsoft Project while NetSuite manages project costing, time entry, and customer billing
  • Use Microsoft Project for NetSuite Resource task assignments
  • Enter time against tasks in NetSuite
  • Billing Milestones, Resource Allocations, and Planned Time Features

Bi-Directional access to NetSuite PSA Projects with Microsoft Project

The NetSuite PSA Add-in for Microsoft Project is available directly from the Office ribbon. Upload or download project data with the click of a button.

Simple Configuration

Log-into NetSuite with your username and password or use Token-Based Authentication.


Download NetSuite Resources

Add all of your NetSuite project resources to Microsoft Project

  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Generic Resources
microsoft project configuration

Add Microsoft Projects to NetSuite PSA

Upload project data from Microsoft Project to NetSuite

  • Upload newly created projects from Microsoft Project
  • Download and modify NetSuite PSA projects in Microsoft Project
  • Upload modified projects back into NetSuite PSA
microsoft project netsuite srp download

Download Project from NetSuite PSA

Browse a list of your projects in NetSuite and download the project details into Microsoft Project

  • Use Microsoft Project to view projects from NetSuite PSA
  • Download NetSuite PSA projects for online viewing
  • Modify downloaded projects and upload changes into NetSuite PSA
Scott Quin

“Project management and planning is now seamless with time and billing, allowing us to work more intelligently and productively than ever before.”

— Scott Quin, Senior Director, Power Costs, Inc.

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