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Service Broker

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From service orchestration to long-running, fault-tolerant workflows, Neuron ESB’s highly extensive Business Process and Workflow Designers give you full access to the entire .NET Framework.

Neuron ESB’s designers expose all the power of Microsoft Visual Studio without the associated complexity, enabling you to compose sets of activities into innovative business capabilities. And both designers are hosted in the Neuron ESB Explorer, so anyone can build, test, debug and deploy business processes and workflows faster.

Native hosting and extensibility

Neuron ESB Service Broker extends Microsoft WCF by hosting services natively in its own runtime. Service Broker's SOAP and REST-based API service support includes metadata exposure (WSDL and Swagger), XML and JSON support, discoverability (WS-Discovery), protocol mediation and monitoring, and tracking functions.

Service Broker's extensibility features include support for WCF custom bindings, behaviors and configuration files. Full service orchestration features are provided by Neuron ESB's Business Process Designer.

Dynamic service routing

Neuron ESB's Service Broker and Business Process Designer come together to enable dynamic routing through the stateful inspection of any combination of message, context or ambient properties. Business rules within processes can use this information to build either simple or complex routing scenarios. Service versioning can be controlled by dynamically routing incoming requests based on rules executed within Neuron ESB's business processes.

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Direct protocol mediation

Service Broker integrates with Neuron ESB's flexible Connector Framework, ensuring seamless connection of services to any existing application or system over any protocol. Service Broker directly manages protocol mediation between SOAP and NON SOAP WCF bindings (e.g., wsHttp, basicHttp, netTcp, netMsmq, WSFederation) and SOAP to REST APIs, as well as between any service API and connector (LOB API, database, queue, transport, non-service based protocol, etc.). Using Service Broker and Connectors, organizations can expose any system as a service API.

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