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Deliver more content with increased speed and reliability to meet the growing demands of a digital world.

Give your content management system a boost with Peregrine Connect

Speed delivery

Process and deliver more content faster without costly hardware upgrades or disruptions in service.

Improve content scalability

Peregrine Connect's flexibility and ease of use help you deliver a high-quality digital experience anytime, anywhere.

Exceed customer demands

Build custom workflows to quickly deliver content according to the specific needs of your customers.

Results for Our Customers

“Peregrine's Neuron ESB wasn’t a sledgehammer for a nail, as was the case with some of the other offerings we looked at. It fit the bill perfectly and is now orchestrating all content processed by AP.”

— Vince Tripodi, Vice President, Development, Associated Press

"Using Peregrine's Neuron ESB to efficiently process and deliver content to thousands of users worldwide, Thomson Reuters will be able to significantly cut costs from their previous connectivity solutions.”

– Sam Kashambuzi, Head of Investors Content Technology, Thompson Reuters

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White Papers

The Integration Journey to Digital Transformation with Peregrine Connect

The Integration Journey to Digital Transformation with Peregrine Connect

Case Studies

Elektro Gorenjska

Peregrine Connect Eliminates Over 30% of Point-to-Point Integrations and reduces development time by 90%

Videos & Webinars

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