Peregrine Connect introduces actionable visibility, pin-point diagnostics and unified control across your entire set of integration environments, all from a single web-based portal.


A bird’s-eye view of everything

See each connection, every flow and process at a glance. With true end-to-end visibility, design becomes easier and management becomes more effective. And you don’t need a PhD to figure it all out.

Secure from the start

Leverage customizable permissions, authentication, encryption and password policies to control access and protect data. It’s all built-in. PCI-compliant out of the box, the Peregrine Platform eliminates the complexity of managing 3rd-party security tools.

Security Design

A better way to manage Neuron ESB runtime environments

Instantly add security, health monitoring, alerting, remote operations and more to
existing runtime environments.

less expensive

Take advantage of time-saving business flow templates, security setup wizards,
remote patching and diagnostic data that gets to the root cause faster. A true
citizen integrator tool, the Peregrine Platform lets you use your own in-house
Microsoft .Net skills in place of expensive consulting engagements.

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