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Digitally Integrate and transform with Peregrine Connect!

Peregrine Connect is more than just another integration platform. Its a suite of applications and tools to simplify the design, deployment, and management of applications, APIs, workflow integrations, protocols, databases, and messaging technologies for a fraction of the cost of other integration products.

It offers on-premise and cloud-based hosting to support all integration needs. Peregrine Connect is a massively scalable and high-performance solution for rapidly changing industries, and it enables organizations to leverage existing .NET resources to connect systems and applications easily. The Peregrine Connect product portfolio encompasses Neuron ESB, Management Suite, Design Studio, and the NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project. Our product portfolio simplifies, deploys, and proactively monitors any number of workloads from API management, messaging, and workflow to scheduled integration flows. It comes bundled with a multitude of connectors for many popular Enterprise Applications and modern SaaS offerings.

Peregrine Connect Product Portfolio

Peregrine Connect - Product Portfolio

Peregrine Connect’s Management Suite provides businesses the ability to manage and monitor resources in their environments. It provides in-depth application analytics and reporting to quickly identify root causes of any issues to correct them instantly. It can provide a comprehensive view of the enterprise for all environments on-premise as well as in the cloud, API resources can be created and secured. Business processes can be scheduled; alerts can be operationalized and subscribed to. Real-time monitoring is made available for the applications deployed under the Management Suite.

Peregrine Connect provides reliable, worldwide enterprise visibility into your real-time integrations. Neuron ESB is the core of the integration platform and the foundation for any operational strategy. It provides a Microservice hosting model, application and technology adapters, workflow, and API hosting. In addition, Neuron ESB has visual design tools for no-code integration using graphical process designers and data mappers. The data mapper feature can easily transform information from one system to another. Businesses can leverage .NET resources to create new connectors and extend business processes to accommodate their unique business needs without the need for specialized training.

Design Studio extends Neuron ESB to improve visibility and management of existing Neuron ESB solutions and design all new integration flows. Design Studio is compatible with Neuron ESB solutions to improve your end-to-end visibility of existing solutions. It simplifies future integration design and testing. Neuron ESB can be considered an all-in-one package, while Design Studio is specifically designed for citizen integrators and developers. Our drag and drop graphical designers are easy to use and makes it possible for just about anyone with basic development skills to develop integrations either from scratch or utilize one of Design Studio’s time-saving integration templates.

A unique offering in our product portfolio is our NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project. Project managers can exchange information in real-time between NetSuite PSA and Microsoft Project preserving all task dependencies, task assignments, and other relevant project management data. Additionally, it enables project teams to collaborate online and track time-specific projects as well as maintain current and accurate project status at all times. With this feature, teams can easily integrate project planning tasks and resource allocations to billing and accounting. The NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times.

*Professional Services Automation (PSA) formerly known as services resource planning (SRP)

Agile Digital Business Transformation

icon - api management

Connect any application
and system with low
latency API connectivity.
Extend your services
with external vendors
and partners using
protocols like OpenID
Connect and OAuth.

icon - modernization & legacy integration

From modern to legacy
integration, the
Peregrine Connect
platform supports
enterprises of all sizes
to enable their business
with microservice
architecture, cloud, and
on-premise integration
with a simple
low-code solution.

icon - analytics

Real-time analytics
for all your
business insights,
actionable strategies,
and results.

icon - identity & access management

Manage users, their
roles and access to your
application and services
with Single Sign On,
OAuth, and OpenID.

icon - hyperautomation & workflow

Accelerate digital
transformation within
your organization. Scale
automation to build
resilient business models,
reduce technical debt,
and stay on-trend with
technology, enabling
you to improve your
line of business and
achieve goals.

Visual Data Mapper

Visual Data Mapper

Visual Data Mapper has the flexibility to map data elements to and from different file formats. Whether that information originates from APIs, Applications, or Databases, it cuts time and increases productivity by 4x.

Alerts & Notifications

Along with API Management, the Management Suite provides organizations proactive alerting capabilities to assist in the operational health of the integration environment resources and the applications deployed to them. By using alerting, organizations can create and subscribe to SMS and Email notifications based on the critical parameters to their business. Immediately identifying when applications and machines are exceeding their thresholds or are underperforming.
ESB Portal Solution

Job Scheduler

The new Job scheduler feature can schedule and execute business processes and is included within the Management Suite. Users can easily pass job data to a scheduled process to persist data between scheduled executions. Using the Job Scheduler, organizations can easily schedule batch processing to keep critical applications in sync during off-hours or kick off critical tasks at the right time.

Do away with expensive solutions to secure your APIs

Management Suite’s API Management extends authorization and authentication to Neuron ESB hosted APIs using OpenID/OAuth Tokens. Neuron ESB hosted APIs can be defined as API resources. Consumers can be created using unique IDs and secrets, or they can be defined as Users within the Management Suite. Client Credentials, PKCE and Hybrid grant types are all supported.

Capabilities Include:

  • Create API Resources
  • Create Consumers
  • Issue Tokens
  • Create and Manage Scopes
  • Provides Reporting and Tracing
  • Support Custom Calendars
management suite apis

NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project

NetSuite PSA Add-In Microsoft Project exchanges and updates NetSuite PSA managed projects directly to and from Microsoft Project in real-time. Providing project managers offline access to project data and using familiar and trusted Microsoft Project as their primary project management tool.

*Professional Services Automation (PSA) formerly known as services resource planning (SRP)

Docker Container Support

Docker Container Support helps users deploy individual endpoint hosts in Docker to Windows Containers on Windows (WCOW). Users can assign individual endpoints within Neuron ESB to specific endpoint hosts while running those hosts in Docker while still managing real-time and historical monitoring information using the Management Suite.

Docker Containers


Peregrine Connect includes a library of many high-quality, reliable connectors to reduce cost and time to market your next integration project. Unlimited use of connectors like File, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange, NetSuite,, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, MSMQ, Rabbit MQ, Microsoft Azure Service Bus, Apache Active MQ, ODBC, ServiceNow, Zuora, and many more are included in the Platform. Each connector is based on real-world requirements and does quick work of integrating common on-premise and cloud applications. Quickly connect applications, protocols, databases, and systems. Neuron ESB allows users to rapidly and easily build high-quality custom connectors to their exact specifications using Microsoft Visual Studio. Leverage our distinguished pre-built templates and patterns to configure and solve your integration needs seamlessly.

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