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Peregrine Connect is an easy-to-use hybrid integration platform that simplifies integration design, deployment, and management

The flexible and powerful Peregrine platform will help you meet any integration demand – from on-premise and cloud applications to various data sources and devices.

Hybrid Platform

Flow data between cloud apps and
on-premise systems to gain a 360° view
of your business.

Design & Manage

Design, build, and manage end-to-end integration environments in a fraction of the time with your exisiting .NET skills.

Connect Anything

Simplify integration using connectors and
graphical designers to connect anything, anytime,

Modernize Your Enterprise with Peregrine

Peregrine Connect is an easy-to-use application, workflow and service integration and management platform built on Microsoft .NET Core, enabling organizations to leverage existing .NET resources to easily connect systems and applications in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost compared to more complex integration products.


"Peregrine provides highly effective, reliable and efficient connectivity to internal and external business applications, allowing guests to manage their profile information using Mandarin Oriental’s brand websites."

— Monika Nerger, Chief Information Officer, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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