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The NetSuite PSA Add-in for Microsoft Project allows Microsoft Project users to view and modify NetSuite PSA projects in Microsoft Project.  This add-in supports the following features:

  • Download a project from NetSuite PSA into Microsoft Project for viewing and editing.  The project changes can then be uploaded back into NetSuite PSA.
  • Create a new project in NetSuite PSA from an existing Microsoft Project.  Future changes to the project in Microsoft Project can also be uploaded to the newly created project in NetSuite PSA.
  • Create task resources assignments in NetSuite PSA projects.  When Microsoft Project is used to create or edit a NetSuite PSA project, you can also modify the resource assignments on tasks based on the resource usage set in Microsoft Project.
  • Create resource allocations in NetSuite PSA.  If your NetSuite account has the Resource Allocations feature enabled, resource assignments set in Microsoft Project will be used to create resource allocations in the NetSuite PSA project.
  • Download actual work into Microsoft Project based on time entries in NetSuite PSA.  If you are using Microsoft Project to view or edit NetSuite PSA projects, you can view the actual work in NetSuite PSA based on the time entries that have been entered against tasks in NetSuite.
  • Download a list of project resources from NetSuite PSA into the Microsoft Project resource sheet.
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