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Client Architecture

Client endpoints can connect to the ESB using their native protocols or the Neuron API. All messages received by the bus are eventually distributed using topics which may execute message processes.

Figure 1: ESB Client Architecture

Neuron API

The Party class is used in the Neuron API to send and receive messages. In addition to handling communication over the configured transport, parties may also audit messages, execute processes, and report statistics to the server. All applications that utilize the Neuron API directly will execute processes locally before sending messages and after receiving messages. This distributes the message processing load between clients.

Service and Adapter Connections

When connecting to the bus using a web service or adapter endpoint, a client uses its native protocols to communicate with the bus. Because adapters and service connectors communicate using the Neuron API internally, features such as monitoring and processes that are available to clients using the Neuron API are also available to service and adapter endpoints. Because these endpoints are hosted by the ESB, processes will be executed on the server when messages are sent or received.

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