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Verifying the CRM Workflow Plug-in Installation


You can verify installation of the Neuron Dynamics CRM 2011 WF Extensions by:

  1. Create a Dynamics CRM workflow that uses a Neuron publish step, and configuring the workflow to trigger when a new Account entity is created,
  2. Create a new Account entity,
  3. Verify the Account entity XML document is visible in the Neuron Test Client

To Verify the Installation

  1. On the machine running Neuron, start a Test Client instance and connect to an appropriate topic using an appropriate party.
  2. Use a browser to connect to Dyamics CRM, navigate to the Dynamics CRM settings section, and to the page to create a new workflow.
  3. Create a new workflow.  Set the Process name, Category and Entity, click OK.
    MS CRM Create process

  4. Add a new step to the workflow, and select the Neuron Entity Send (Topic) step.
    Neuron Entity Send (Topic) step

  5. After the step is added, click on the View properties link to set the Neuron specific properties.
    View properties

  6. Set the following properties to valid entries for the configuration that is currently running on the Neuron server:
    1. Fail on Exception – select whether or not you want the workflow instance to enter a failed state if an exception occurs while sending the entity to Neuron
    2. Topic – The Neuron topic that the workflow plug-in will publish the entity data to
    3. Publisher – The Neuron publisher name the workflow plug-in will connect to Neuron as
    4. Root Name – The root element name of the entity XML that will be published to Neuron
    5. Root Namespace – The namespace of the entity XML that will be published to Neuron

      Set Custom setup input properties
  7. Click Save and Close, and Activate the Workflow.
  8. Using the Servcies MMC, restart the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous   Processing Service

  9. Create a new Account entity, and save it.  A workflow will be triggered shortly, and the data will be published to Neuron on the configured topic.
    Create a new Account entity

  10. In the Test Client, verify the Account data is displayed.
  11. The Neuron Dynamics CRM Workflow Extensions are operating correctly.
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