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E-Mail Adapter


This adapter requires an SMTP server. For additional information see: Configure SMTP E-mail (IIS 7)

Adapter Modes

The adapter only supports one mode of operation.

SubscribeSend a message from Neuron as an e-mail.

Subscribe Mode

When the adapter receives a message from Neuron, an email will be sent.

Unless otherwise specified (see sections: Adapter Metadata and Message Format), the body of the ESBMessage will become body of the email message.

Adapter Properties

Property NameDescription
Default From AddressSets the e-mail address of the sender.
Default To AddressSets the recipient. A semicolon-delimited list of e-mail addresses.
Default SubjectSets the subject line of the e-mail message.
Mail ServerSets the SMTP server.

The values of properties: Default From Address, Default To Address and Default Subject are only used when these properties are not specified in the adapter metadata or in the body of the ESBMessage.

When using adapter metadata or the XML mail message format, additional properties are available.

Adapter Metadata

When the Neuron adapter endpoint has the include metadata option set, then the adapter will use the following properties in the ESBMessage received from Neuron. The adapter metadata must be specified in the custom properties of the message header.

The names of the properties are case sensitive.

 All of the adapter metadata properties are optional even when the include metadata option is set.

Property NameDescription
mail_out.FromSets the e-mail address of the sender.
mail_out.ToSets the recipient. A semicolon-delimited list of e-mail addresses.
mail_out.CcSets the CC recipient. A semicolon-delimited list of e-mail addresses that receive a carbon copy of the email.
mail_out.SubjectSets the subject line of the e-mail message.
mail_out.BodySets the e-mail body. The default body is the ESBMessage body.
mail_out.AttachmentSets the attachment. A full path to the file to include as an attachment on the e-mail.
mail_out.ServerSets the SMTP server.

The attachment file will be locked while the mail is being sent.

Message Format

Subscribe Mode

Option 1

 By default, the ESBMessage body will become the body of the email message.


  <p>Hello World!</p>

Option 2

If the ESBMessage body conforms to the following XML format, then an email message will be constructed using the values as specified.


If the mail message body contains an <html> element, as in the example below, the email message format will be HTML.


  <Subject>Travel Policy Clarification</Subject>
        <title>Mail Page</title>
      <body bgcolor="#6699ff" style='font-family: Candara'>
        <p>Please review the attached company travel policy.</p>
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