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Log4Net Neuron ESB Provider

Prior to Neuron ESB 3.1, Neuron used two facilities for outputting diagnostic information and events at runtime: writing directly to the Windows Event Log, and using the classes in the System.Diagnostics namespace to write to trace files. We heard from customers that they were looking for other logging features to integrate with what the customers were using, with log4net being the most common. In Neuron ESB 3.1, we introduced log4net into the Neuron ESB SDK and programs not only to meet our customer requests, but to use the configurability and extensibility of log4net’s logging features.

After receiving feedback from customers, we extended the logging facility in Neuron ESB 3.5 to provide a pluggable provider-based model for logging. This allows customers to integrate the logging platform of their choice into the Neuron ESB SDK in order to allow the Neuron ESB SDK components to output to the same locations or logging services that customers are using for their software.

Note that this pluggable model is only for use with customer solutions that are linking against the Neuron ESB SDK. The Neuron ESB applications such as the Neuron ESB Messaging and Workflow runtime services will continue to use log4net for their logging output.

Source code for a sample logging provider can be found on Github:

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