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The FlightPath Data Mapper is an innovative graphical data mapping tool that provides no code data transformations for Cloud, Applications, APIs, and Databases. Data mapping is a very common and, in many cases, laborious and complex task required when integrating applications, APIs or automating business processes. Tasks may entail syncing information from a source system to many target systems. Perhaps there is need to accept information in one specific format and then use elements of that information in modified and different formats across any number of applications, APIs or even Databases. Maybe the task is to receive responses from various APIs and abstract the information into a canonical response. There are countless use cases that organizations encounter that require some level of Data Mapping.

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Without an innovative tool like the FlightPath Data Mapper, transformation tasks can quickly become complex, time consuming and notoriously hard to debug and maintain. In many cases developers will resort to using more arcane transformation technologies that require a very specific skillset like XSLT. In other cases, they will write 100s of lines of code to accomplish the necessary transformations. In all cases critical business logic gets buried and only a developer can maintain and troubleshoot the issues.

Data Mappers try to solve this problem by providing a graphical tool that elevates data mapping tasks to more business-oriented users rather than developers. Allowing more people across an organization to build out complex transformations while spending a fraction of the time doing so.

The FlightPath Data Mapper is unique in that it focuses on the User Experience. Regardless of the complexity of the operation, FlightPath makes every transformation an intuitive experience for the user. Whether that transformation requires database lookups to translate a customer ID to a Customer Name or, a set of incoming orders need to be split into line items for another system. Maybe transformations are as simple as combining elements from one source into target fields or doing simple math and string operations. Our goal with FlightPath is to deliver a superior user experience that allows organizations to achieve their transformation goals, faster and better than using anything else while delivering the added benefit of being able to maintain and modify transformations as businesses evolve.

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The FlightPath Data Mapper offers advanced transformation capabilities and features to meet the requirements of nearly any data transformation task. Some of these features are:

  • Database Lookups
  • Table Looping
  • Basic If/Then/Else logic
  • Custom Expressions
  • Data element level Decision capabilities
  • Library of string, math, date, and conversion operations
  • Support for declaring and setting variables, properties and constants
  • Map and Element level Error Handling options
  • Custom C# Script and External Assembly support
  • Ability to create custom, reusable operations
  • Pagination for large document mapping
  • Map and Element level Testing capabilities
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