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SharePoint Publication Adapter


The Neuron SharePoint Publication Adapter allows the user to publish events to Neuron ESB in real time from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Lists or Libraries.


The Neuron SharePoint Publication Adapter has the following features:

  • Publish from Lists
  • Publish from Libraries
  • Publish on multiple types of event
  • Include Attachments


Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.

Supported Modes

The Neuron SharePoint Publication Adapter is a publication only adapter. This means it sends messages one way from SharePoint to Neuron. The messages that the adapter sends are controlled by the subscriptions of the Party configured for the adapter.


  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to the ..\Plugins\SharePoint Neuron Publication subdirectory under the main Neuron ESB installation directory
  2. Type stsadm to see if stsadm is in your path. If it is not, locate stsadm on your machine and substitute the full path in step 3.
  3. Type stsadm -o addsolution –filename NeuronPublishing.wsp
  4. Use the SharePoint Central Administration and navigate to Central Administration > Operations > Solution Management
  5. Click on the neuronpublishing.wsp link  and choose to deploy the solution
  6. Choose the options on the deployment page applicable for your environment and press the OK button.
  7. Navigate to SharePoint site you wish to publish from and use the Site Actions Menu to navigate to Site Settings > Site Features  and activate the Neuron Publishing Feature
  8. Verify the Neuron Publishing Feature is also active under Site Settings > Site Collection Features
  9. Back on the main page Under Site Settings click the Configure Link under the Neuron ESB header you should see a page similar to the one depicted below
  10. Enter the Neuron Server Name, Port Number for the bootstrap service, and the Zone to use for the Neuron connection. Optionally, choose to run the publisher as a specific domain user and choose connect.
  11. Select the Publishing Party
  12. Click OK.

Configuring Lists and Libraries

After Neuron integration has been enabled by following the steps in the “Installation” section, lists and libraries can be configured to send change notifications to Neuron. To configure a list or library, navigate to the list or library and select “Publish to Neuron” from the actions menu.

Once you have chosen “Publish to Neuron” you will see an options page similar to the following

InsertSpecifies whether a notification should be sent to Neuron when an item is added. A topic or subtopic must be selected to receive the notifications.
UpdateSpecifies whether a notification should be sent to Neuron when an item is updated.  A topic or subtopic must be selected to receive the notifications.
DeleteSpecifies whether a notification should be sent to Neuron when an item is deleted. A topic or subtopic must be selected to receive the notifications.
Include AttachmentsSpecifies whether binary file data should be included in the message body.


Any field associated with the list item that has not been marked as “hidden” will be added as a custom property of the message using the “wss” prefix. The name of the SharePoint field will match the name of the custom property and the value will be a string representation of the field.

Message Format

If “Include Attachments” is specified file data will be sent to Neuron as binary content. The file data can be retrieved using the Bytes property of the ESBMessage.

If “Include Attachments” is not specified, or no attachments are available for the list, a message will be constructed as follows:


The action that caused the notification will also be available in the Action header of the ESBMessage.

Additional metadata from the list will be attached to published messages as custom properties with “wss” prefix.

The contents of the file will become the body of the ESBMessage.

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