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Samples Overview

This section describes the how-to’s and samples included with Neuron.  The section provides detailed information about each sample, including instructions for building the sample, how to run it, and what results to expect.

CategorySample NameDescription
How ToConfiguring SSLDescribes how you can create SSL endpoints in Neuron for clients to connect to and also how to create subscriptions that will result in a message being sent to an SSL endpoint.
How ToIdentity PropagationDescribes how you can enable Identity Propagation with Neuron for Service Endpoints. Utilizing this feature enables requests from clients to flow identity as they pass through Neuron ESB Client Connectors and Service Connectors.
How ToIntegrating with Microsoft CRMDescribes various Neuron CRM capabilities and will also provide guidance around some common use cases.
How ToIntegrating with REST ResourcesProvide you with the knowledge necessary to being taking advantage of Neuron’s powerful REST support including being able to use REST for Pass-Through or complex mediation/processing scenarios.
How ToIntegrating with SQL ServerDescribes how to utilize Neuron as a Web services façade for SQL Server.
PatternsDirect MessagingDemonstrates point-to-point messaging with an object payload. In direct messaging, the sender specifies the party Id of the recipient. Only that recipient sees the message.
PatternsItineraryDemonstrates itinerary routing with an object payload.
PatternsRequest/ReplyDemonstrates request-reply messaging with an object payload.
PatternsPublish/SubscribeDemonstrates publish-subscribe messaging with an object payload.
Process SamplesAccessing SQL Data From ProcessesDemonstrates using the Store, Table Query and Xml Query process steps.
Process SamplesConverting Excel to XMLDemonstrates using the Excel to XML process step.
Process SamplesDynamic Routing by ContentDemonstrates how you can use a Publish Neuron Process step to route a message to different topics using the Publish step’s TopicSelector Code option.
Process SamplesDynamic Routing by Header ContentDemonstrates how you can use a Decision Neuron Process step to route a message to different topics based on the value of an ESB Message property.
Process SamplesException HandlingDemonstrates how you can wrap the Neuron Process steps inside an Exception step.
Process SamplesMessage Validation & TransformationDemonstrates the Validate – Schema and Transform – Xslt Neuron Process steps.
Process SamplesRetry Call to Web ServiceDemonstrates the Service and Retry Neuron Process steps.
Process SamplesSplitting Messages with JoinDemonstrates how a Neuron Process can split a message into parts for processing and re-join those parts into a single message for further processing.  
Process SamplesSplitting Messages with Null JoinDemonstrates how a Neuron Process can split a message into parts and send those parts as separate messages on a different topic for further processing.
Process SamplesTransactional Process ExecutionDemonstrates how to wrap process steps in a transaction.
Process SamplesUsing For and While LoopsDemonstrates how to use For and While Neuron Process steps.
ScenariosScatter Gather PatternDemonstrates how to use a Neuron Process to resolve a common scatter-gather application integration problem.
ScenariosNeuron COM InteropabilityDemonstrates early and late binding COM interoperability using a Neuron ESB COM Type Library.
ScenariosChatDemonstrates chat program based on peer networking over ESB
ServicesLarge MessagesDemonstrates a one-way client and service passing large messages across the ESB
ServicesTransport SamplesDemonstrates a one-way and request/reply service passing client and service traffic across the ESB.  There are several samples representing different transports – BasicHttp, WSHttp, NetTcp and NetMsmq
Client API SamplesService LookupSamples demonstrate how to discover a service by querying the ESB, specifying search criteria, interface or service name.
Client API SamplesSubscriptionsDemonstrates subscriptions that filter by object type, subtype or XPath.
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