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Topic Based Publish and Subscribe

Neuron ESB provides a powerful Topic based publish and subscribe messaging system where publishers can label each message with the name of a Topic, rather than addressing it to specific recipients.  Neuron ESB manages sending the message to all eligible recipients that have expressed interest in receiving messages on that Topic. This form of asynchronous messaging is a far more scalable architecture than point-to-point alternatives such as message queuing, since message senders (publishers) need only concern themselves with creating the original message, and can leave the task of servicing recipients (subscribers) to the messaging infrastructure.

Topics based publish and subscribe messaging systems share several common attributes some of which are: 

  • Subscribers subscribe to one or more topics and only receive messages that are of interest.
  • The publishers have no knowledge about the subscribers, including how many there are or where they live
  • The subscribers have no knowledge about the publishers, including how many there are or where they live.
  • New systems (publishers or subscribers) can easily be added or removed from the flow of information, without code changes.

This type of messaging architecture sends messages only to the applications that are interested in receiving the messages without knowing the identities of the receivers.

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