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Access Control Lists


The Authorization->Access Control Lists subsection allows the user to configure a prebuilt Validator or a Service Authorization manager that can be utilized by in a Client Connector by using its Access Control Lists drop down to select the configured ACL. The initial grid view and provides a menu to create and delete credentials.

Access Control List Details


The Access Control Lists detail tab is activated by using the New Button, Copy Button or Show Details button in the Authorization->Access Control Lists grid view. It contains 3 static settings, a control grid to add, remove or clear configured entries of the Access Control List and 1 setting Authentication that will dynamically alter available controls.

NameThe unique name of the credential
DescriptionOptional description field
CategoryOptional category field
TypeThis can be one of 3 values.  Depending on type selected, the list of available credentials are displayed in the Credentials selector.  Select the credentials that you want to be included in the access control list.
Note:  The credentials must already be created in Authentication->Credentials before you can select them here.  You cannot dynamically create credentials in this UI. 
Account Role Summary.png

The Account-Role summary subsection is a read only report of Parties that have been configured to use windows security.  It displays the Account or Group that may use the Party, the Topics it utilizes the message directions available to the Party and the Zones it belongs to.

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