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The Authentication->Credentials grid view lists configured client credentials and provides a menu to create and delete user and certificate credentials.

Credentials Details


The Credentials detail tab is activated by using the New Button, Copy Button or Show Details button in the Authorization->Credentials grid view. It contains 3 static settings and 1 setting Type that will dynamically alter available controls.

NameThe unique name of the credential
DescriptionOptional description field
CategoryOptional category field
TypeThis can be one of 3 values depending on type selected in the drop down 1 of 3 UI options will be displayed
  • Username/Password – Displays text boxes to set the username and password for the credential
  • Windows Domain – Displays text boxes for to set the username, password and domain of the credential
  • Certificate – Used to set up windows X509Certificates namespace values (Location, Store, Type, Value) that will be used by the Neuron ESB process to locate the certificate.
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