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Neuron ESB 3.1

New Features in Neuron ESB 3.1

Neuron ESB 3.1 Release Themes

The Neuron ESB 3.1 release contains a number of enhancements and features that continue to make it the easiest, most cost effective and intuitive Application and Service Integration platform to use for the Microsoft .NET environment.

There are significant UX improvements as well as new performance, connectivity and scalability options, the predominate focus of this release is developer productivity.


Neuron ESB 3.1 provides significant UX enhancements, debugging tools and features that make building, testing, debugging and managing complex business processes far easier than in previous versions. More details of these features are included below but here are some highlights:

  • Step by step debugging of Business Processes
  • Support for Categories, Folders and Filters
  • Design time support for all Business Process Steps
  • Set Breakpoints, F5/F11 support and Disable Process Steps
  • Tabbed view for multiple Processes
  • Tabbed view for multiple Code Step Editors
  • Language support for VB.NET, JavaScript and full C# classes

Neuron ESB 3.1 also provides new connectivity options with and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 adapters that support full metadata harvesting and sample message generation.

In addition, Neuron ESB has extended support for RabbitMQ. By supporting full clustered/mirrored environments with zero message loss and interruption of the Neuron ESB messaging pub/sub system.

Many more feature enhancements and additions have been detailed below:

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