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Viewing mappings

While you are using the Data Mapper UI, there are several options that allow you to see which fields are mapped, which fields are not mapped, whether a field has a transformation applied and how to show/hide the Scriptlets panel.

  • You can also toggle between the map view and a list view of the defined mappings by clicking the view buttons .
  • Toggle the Show only unmapped button to display only the unmapped source and target fields.
  • Toggle the Show only unmapped button again to display the mapped source and target fields.
  • If you Toggle the Show only unmapped button while in list view, the Data Mapper will switch to map view to display the unmapped fields.
  • This symbol indicates a transformation is applied on the field
  • By default, the Scriplets panel will be on show mode. But, if you want to hide the Scriptlets panel, Click Hide button to hide the Scriplets panel

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