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Custom OAuth Providers

Starting with release 3.6 you can develop your own OAuth providers for Neuron ESB.  This article discusses developing custom OAuth providers. OAuth 2.0 Grant Types When developing custom OAuth providers, one of the first steps is to determine which grant type(s) you want to support.  There are five grants for obtaining an access token: Authorization…

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New Math: Neuron ESB + Microservices + CQRS = Magic (Guest Post)

This is a special guest blog post by Ted Dennis, an enterprise architecture consultant and Microsoft vTSP with over 15 years’ experience in designing, developing, and implementing state-of-the-art information technology systems for business, including enterprise architecture, application architecture, infrastructure, and network design. Those of us who have been involved in enterprise architecture over the years have…

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HTTP Utility, JSON and Swagger

Neuron ESB includes a Service Broker that enables organizations to deploy Neuron ESB as a Service Gateway, providing mediation, security, hosting and a number of other services. Service Connectors are essentially registrations within Neuron ESB that point to existing services hosted within an organization, by a partner or in a cloud domain. These services, which…

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