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Custom OAuth Providers

Starting with release 3.6 you can develop your own OAuth providers for Neuron ESB.  This article discusses developing custom OAuth providers. OAuth 2.0 Grant Types When developing custom OAuth providers, one of the first steps is to determine which grant type(s) you want to support.  There are five grants for obtaining an access token: Authorization…

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Securing Client Connectors with OAuth

Contents Executive Summary What is OAuth How OAuth works in Neuron Client Connectors Peregrine Management Suite Setup for using OAuth in a Neuron ESB Client Connector How to configure OAuth with PeregrineMS and Neuron ESB Explorer Neuron Explorer PeregrineMS Obtaining a token before calling secure Neuron ESB Client Connector Using a token to call Neuron…

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Peregrine Connect Management Suite 1.1 Released!

Peregrine Connect Management Suite 1.1 Released! The Peregrine Connect Management Suite introduces the next level of excellence in the Integration Market. The Management Suite provides a world-class, comprehensive web-based portal that allows organizations to securely manage and monitor all Neuron ESB deployment environments, the resources within them, and the applications deployed to them. The Peregrine…

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