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Performance Tuning and Enhancements in release 2.5.10

The 2.5.10 release of Neuron ESB introduces significant changes in the behavior and performance characteristics of Neuron services. Specifically affected are database related functions, TCP Publishing service (and its associated client TCP Channel), and other internal Neuron services. These enhancements were introduced to allow Neuron to achieve higher throughput, greater stability, increased concurrency, and improved overall performance.

To understand the scope of this paper, it’s important to note that Neuron ESB is entirely built on .NET 3.5 SP1 and uses the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) for all internal and external communication. Even though most communication details have been abstracted and simplified within the Neuron ESB Explorer, there will be circumstances that require more advanced tuning and configuration of Neuron than what was previously available in earlier releases. Although this paper has a
discernable focus TCP Publishing service, it does describe the advanced tuning parameters now available to Neuron administrators which affect other internal services as well. Various enhancements related to performance and reliability included in this release are also addressed. Where possible, general guidance is provided on when and how to use many of the new tuning parameters.

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