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For Elite IT Pros Who Want to Spend as Little Money
as Possible to Keep Resources Up and Running


Monitor health and performance


Know when resources go down


Drill into why resources fail

Hundreds of businesses rely on Peregrine Connect to run their business

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Say goodbye to reactive problem solving

Proactively monitor the enterprise

Know the health and performance of the applications that run your resources. Monitor storage, machinery, runtime resources, business apps, and workflows.

Create, manage, and monitor resources and apps.

Eliminate the learning curve

Enable your current team

Understand what’s happening in seconds without expert skills or training. When a resource goes down, know right away, and get to the root cause instantly.

Subscribe and configure alerts for every resource.

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Quick and secure

Launch without disrupting the business

Quick, easily, and securely move to production or staging without disrupting business workflows or applications.

Secure endpoints and manage deployment.

Our Customers

You’re in good company


“Peregrine's Neuron ESB enables a really smart architecture, uniquely handling messages so there is never any data loss. That’s a tremendous advantage for all our customers, and supports our philosophy that data-driven decisions can transform most important places in our lives.”

TJ Bingham - Engineering Manager


"It just works, that cannot be emphasized enough. My team can solve errors on their own, allowing us to pay employees and vendors faster and easier than ever before, without involving IT on a daily or weekly basis.”

Jodi Schlessel - Controller


"Samskip’s quest for deep integration has led us to abandon our legacy systems and embrace Neuron ESB. We now have a robust and easy-to-use enterprise service bus that offers high availability, scalability and performance.”

Ron van Gessel - Manager System Development

Weighing your options

See how Peregrine Connect Stacks up

Microsoft BizTalk

Save time and money migrating off BizTalk - a real-world example of valuable time and cost savings.

Peregrine BizTalk White Paper

Dell Boomi

Customers who switch to Peregrine Connect save money and deploy faster.

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