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The Challenge

  • Replace an unwieldy Microsoft BizTalk platform to reduce development costs and resources
  • Eliminate delays in message queueing and notification
  • Protect against data loss and reduce downtime
  • Simplify integration of new technology platforms resulting from an acquisition strategy
  • Create a more modern infrastructure capable of long-term technical growth

The Solution

  • Peregrine’s Neuron ESB, an intuitive .NET-based platform for enterprise application services and workflow integration platform
  • Providing an optimized architecture for diverse integration needs
  • Training and knowledge transfer ensure smooth platform transition
  • Deployed for service virtualization, enabling service access to Dude’s web applications, partners, third parties, and vendors
  • Unifies client-facing web services in a centralized platform, allowing a single codebase for multiple applications including mobile

The Benefits

  • Smart Neuron infrastructure prevents against data loss and easily integrates diverse technology platforms
  • Customers can work non-stop, even during downtime
  • Fast transformation with integration training from Peregrine Connect
  • Capitalizing on Microsoft .NET expertise protects engineering resources
  • Greater control over deployment and versioning with convenient automatic updates
  • Aligns with Dude’s long-term acquisition strategy, ensuring easy integration of new platforms
  • Smart, streamlined infrastructure increases reliability, reflects company’s vision of growth
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Company Profile

Based In: Orange County
Industry: Technology
Type: 1968
Employees: 500
Founded: 2010

“Peregrine's Neuron ESB enables a really smart architecture, uniquely handling messages so there is never any data loss. That’s a tremendous advantage for all our customers, and supports our philosophy that data-driven decisions can transform most important places in our lives.”

— TJ Bingham, Engineering Manager, Dude Solutions


Dude Solutions
Modernizing legacy systems to improve reliability and reduce costs

Dude Solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based software company that helps organizations manage their maintenance operations. For more than two decades, the firm has served diverse customers in education, government, healthcare, senior living, manufacturing and membership-driven organizations. Dude’s platform has always been 100% SaaS and built to scale, and its flagship product is its computerized maintenance management system or CMMS. Dude Solutions believes that tracking assets, improving workflow, and making smart, data-driven decisions helps transforms the most important places in our lives. Today, more than 10,000 organizations use its award-winning software to manage maintenance, assets, energy, safety, IT, events, and more.

Dude relied on BizTalk, but found it to be costly in a number of ways. “BizTalk was expensive to own and run as a development platform, and required a lot of developer time. It became kind of heavy… just not easy to work with and a drain on technical and operational resources,” said TJ Bingham, Engineering Manager, Dude Solutions. “We also found that we had larger business challenges to solve, and simply needed a more nimble and efficient platform.” For example, Dude’s newer products were demonstrating incompatibility with BizTalk, causing delays in message queueing and notification. The challenge could be exponential – just one of Dude’s scheduling products, Facility Schedule Direct (FSD), handled more than 20 different types of email notifications. “We also needed to protect against data loss. Any messages that aren’t processed by the notification server immediately had to be captured, stored, and retried – and our current API was not up to the task.” Dude Solutions was not only looking to replace its BizTalk platform with a more modern approach but also establish a seamless, faultless way to communicate across servers and environments.

Dude Solutions initially understood BizTalk to be its primary option in working with a Windows architecture but uncovered Peregrine Connect in its expanded search. Dude Solutions chose to work with Peregrine based on its expertise in the .NET platform, as well as the Peregrine team’s interest in strategy and training as part of the engagement. “Working with the Peregrine Neuron ESB platform was a remarkably different approach for our coding team, and it was clear that understanding publisher and subscriber concepts would be crucial to success. We began working with Peregrine Connect and were quickly trained and comfortable with the process. From there, our platform transition really was seamless,” said Bingham. Peregrine’s Neuron ESB was quickly deployed in two primary solutions for Dude, including service virtualization and client-facing web service. Neuron ESB enables intermediary service calls between Dude’s web UI and internal services, which reside securely on servers behind its firewall. By virtualizing services outside the firewall, Neuron ESB enables service access to Dude’s web applications, partners, third parties, and vendors.

Dude’s client-facing web services tapped into Peregrine Connect to unite what once were separate companies under the Dude Solutions banner. “School Dude and Facility Dude rejoined Dude’s core business portfolio, each serving a strong and unique client base. We needed to create a centralized platform that would accommodate their separate servers and services,” said Bingham. It was most efficient for Dude Solutions to develop a single codebase in products deployed to both School Dude and Facility Dude servers, which would then correspond to a single bus in the Peregrine Neuron ESB platform. “Neuron ESB’s flexibility helped us manage this complex routing. One of its buses is designated to determine if the call is coming from a School Dude or Facility Dude client, and then efficiently route the message to the correct server.” This streamlined approach also distinguishes calls into Dude’s mobile app, which similarly supports both School Dude and Facility Dude users. All routing happens seamlessly and invisibly to Dude’s users. “Not only is it smooth and consistent, but our engineers also did not have to put resources into developing two separate mobile apps,” said TJ Bingham, Engineering Manager, Dude Solutions.

“Training from the Peregrine team was invaluable in helping us quickly embrace the enterprise integration platform. Our coding team is now moving solutions faster, and our time-to-market has been reduced with Peregrine Connect’s ease of use.”

Peregrine Connect protects performance. One of its biggest advantages is that if a service does go down, no data is lost. The platform retains the information and keeps retrying until the message is delivered. “Peregrine Neuron ESB is an investment in customer service. Calls or customer data changes are never lost, even in a maintenance event. It’s a real competitor differentiator and represents tangible value for our customers.”

“We were initially surprised by the ability to ability to decouple service clients from the service, and the ability to monitor and control routing of message exchange between the services.” With Peregrine Connect, Dude Solutions has greater control over deployment and versioning, choosing when to take services offline for updates without worrying about lost data. Updates no longer need to be manual and can be scheduled for automatic deployment across server loads. “Clients can continue working no matter what – something that is integral to our product offering and market leadership.”

In addition to streamlining communication-related to School Dude and Facility Dude, Peregrine Connect aligns nicely with Dude’s acquisition strategy. “We’re on a growth path, driven by industry acquisitions. Peregrine simplifies the challenging process of integrating multiple platforms, operating as the connector between different data transfer platforms.” To further this value, Dude plans to develop a central data repository, using Peregrine’s Neuron ESB for communication and access.

“The Peregrine Connect team is knowledgeable and supportive. They treated us well throughout the engagement and have made a difference in how we do things,” said Bingham. For Dude Solutions, Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB is driving better reliability, easier integration, reduced engineering resources, and a streamlined infrastructure – positioning Dude for long-term, continued growth.