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Build your business future on a foundation of simplified integration

Integrate digital capabilities

Adapt quickly to market changes by easily connecting legacy systems to new business applications.

Enhance service delivery

Give customers easy access to the information they need across all devices and platforms.

Ensure compliance

Enable quick and easy access to a single source of accurate data to ensure regulatory compliance.

Results for Our Customers

"Peregrine's Neuron ESB suited our technical needs and skill set, allowing us to create a reliable infrastructure that will adapt over the long-term, add instrumentation required to manage orders, and provide new and enhanced services to our customers."

— Jeff Zakrzewski, CIO, American Title, Inc.

Simplified integration improves back-end operations to drive modernization

Peregrine's Neuron ESB quickly connects American Title’s legacy systems and applications to meet customer demands for real-time information access.

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Peregrine Connect’s NetSuite SRP Add-in for Microsoft Project

In this video, learn how Microsoft Project and NetSuite SRP can be used together, allowing project managers to continue utilizing Microsoft Project while still taking advantage of NetSuite’s tightly integrated project management system. The NetSuite SRP Add-in for Microsoft Project provides a simple, no-code solution to sharing project data between Microsoft Project and NetSuite SRP.…

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Reduced IT support costs by 75% using NetSuite integration

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Enhancing Enterprise Integration in Your Hybrid Environment: Speed, Security, Cost Optimization

Discover how Peregrine Connect can enhance your enterprise integration in your hybrid environment with its increased speed, security, and cost optimization. Get an introduction to the Peregrine Connect Platform and the suite of products and services underneath it. Including Neuron ESB, the new Design Studio and the Management suite portal. These tools allow you to…

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Using Neuron ESB and Docker to Develop and Deploy Microservices

To remain competitive, digital-first companies must build, deploy, and integrate applications faster than ever. Microservice architectures enable the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications, while containers allow IT operations and development teams to build, ship and run any application, anywhere. Learn how to create a Neuron ESB microservices architecture, virtualize a service or an app,…

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Power Costs Inc.

Seamlessly connecting project management and billing.

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Dude Solutions

Modernizing legacy systems to improve reliability and reduce costs

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