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Case Study

American Title

Neuron ESB Integrates systems and applications to improve American Title’s back-end operations to drive enterprise modernization

“Neuron ESB suited our technical needs and skillset, allowing us to create a reliable infrastructure that will adapt over the long-term, add instrumentation required to manage orders, and provide new and enhanced services to our customers.”

— Jeff Zakrzewski, CIO, American Title, Inc.

Integrated systems and applications improve back-end operations to drive enterprise modernization

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The Challenge

  • Find an application integration platform to drive enterprise modernization
  • Improve order flow to better serve a diverse, nationwide customer base
  • Create a reliable and flexible infrastructure that will support future growth

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The Solution

  • Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB, an intuitive, robust enterprise service bus built on .NET
  • A flexible integration tool to move and manage data reliably and securely
  • Enables dynamic rules-based routing of business processes and operations

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The Benefits

  • Connects existing systems and applications for real-time information access
  • Enhances customer experiences with more sophisticated products and services
  • Delivers more dynamic capabilities on the back-end to improve data management
  • Improves flexibility and performance to meet increasing customer expectations

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Company Profile

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Omaha, NE
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