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The Challenge

  • Find an application integration platform to drive enterprise modernization
  • Improve order flow to better serve a diverse, nationwide customer base
  • Create a reliable and flexible infrastructure that will support future growth

The Solution

  • Peregrine Connect’s Neuron ESB, an intuitive, robust enterprise service bus built on .NET
  • A flexible integration tool to move and manage data reliably and securely
  • Enables dynamic rules-based routing of business processes and operations

The Benefits

  • Connects existing systems and applications for real-time information access
  • Enhances customer experiences with more sophisticated products and services
  • Delivers more dynamic capabilities on the back-end to improve data management
  • Improves flexibility and performance to meet increasing customer expectations
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Company Profile

Based In: Omaha, NE
Industry: Insurance
Type: Privately Held
Employees: 201-500
Founded: 1994

“Our desire to enhance operations on an enterprise level is what led us to Neuron ESB – and with more dynamic capabilities in our back-end business processes, we’re creating a tangible business advantage by managing information better than our competitors.”

— Jeff Zakrzewski, CIO, American Title, Inc.


American Title

Superior capabilities and ease of use make Neuron ESB the integration platform of choice for American Title

As a nationwide leader in real estate information services, American Title, Inc. (ATI) supports a growing range of data services for real estate and home equity transactions. Handling title searches and services, vesting deeds, insurance needs and much more, the company recently enhanced its offerings with a significant acquisition enabling extended appraisal and valuation services as well. ATI’s growing customer base spans some of the largest banks in the U.S., as well as mid-sized banks, and mortgage and financial services companies nationwide.

ATI needed to remain on the leading edge of technology, handling steady increases in industry demands, new financial products and requirements for regulatory compliance. “We looked at our ability to manage information and determined a need for an application modernization initiative. Moving and managing data reliably and securely – these things create a better customer experience, which is tremendously important to us as a company,” said Jeff Zakrzewski, CIO, American Title, Inc. ATI’s goal was to capitalize on real-time process improvement to increase capabilities, data transparency and customer insight. “We wanted an integration solution that would lift and accelerate the services we offer, adding value with faster processing and end-to-end data quality,” said Zakrzewski.

Modernization efforts needed to support ATI’s slate of homegrown tools, both on the application side and in the middle-tier where data is managed. After considering Microsoft BizTalk as well as various open source tools, ATI determined one thing it did not want was a system that added complexity; the company chose Neuron ESB as a simple but powerful option based on Microsoft .NET. Neuron ESB integrates with Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms, systems, and applications to provide real-time, reliable and durable messaging, application integration, business processing, workflow, and web services management.

Neuron ESB complemented ATI’s in-house technical skill set by providing an easily configured, .NET- based platform. “Our deep background in Microsoft technologies gave us a clear perspective on how to support ATI’s challenges,” said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President of the Neuron ESB product group. “They needed a platform that addressed the growing complexity of their business – handling data capture, secure information management, and control of access internally and to institutional and private customers. The platform also needed to be flexible, gathering and sharing data effectively in a fast-changing industry landscape.” As a priority, ATI wanted to simplify billing and better manage information while it was in play. Neuron ESB created a flexible, reliable infrastructure and simplified order management. “Understanding orders is the lifeblood of our business – our imperative is to ensure a robust tool to facilitate their fast, accurate movement through the system. As clients are sending orders, they may also need to incorporate changes and restart the process. Neuron ESB optimized workflow capabilities allow our operations staff to be flexible and highly responsive,” said Zakrzewski.

As the architecture was developed, Neuron ESB helped ATI define performance and redundancy as best practices. The core system, encompassing routing, queueing and general message handling was validated for optimal performance, along with workflows and instrumentation. “We wanted the system to go well beyond reliability and also support our ongoing needs in terms of growth – meaning it had to provide expandability, repeatability, and scalability as primary features.” Ultimately, Neuron ESB provided ATI with flexibility for endpoints and workflow, connecting systems using dynamic rules-based routing. Different product lines, larger order management operations, and back-end accounting systems were integrated to complete the modernization initiative.

“Our partnership with Neuron ESB allowed us to enhance and enable processes like a much larger company – bringing long-term competitive value to our customers without having to embrace a costly corresponding investment in technical infrastructure,” said Zakrzewski. Partnership is important to ATI, including upfront advisement as well as ongoing support to ensure capabilities are understood and deployed to their maximum potential.

By optimizing systems with Neuron ESB, ATI has modernized data movement to improve customer experience. By creating more dynamic back-end capabilities, ATI is managing information better than competitors. “We’re a big cog in the wheel for banks – and we recognize the partnership between us and our customers exists at many levels. Using Neuron ESB, we’re able to continue that theme of partnership, using technology to create the best experience for our customers nationwide,” said Zakrzewski.

ATI’s application modernization initiative is designed to handle new growth and ensure expert customer service, assuring a smooth, productive and profitable experience. “We don’t do this because it’s cool. We do it because it’s really about the customer and the long-term positive impact we can have on the entire real estate transaction. With better processes and deeper insight from shared data, we’re optimizing the customer experience with more sophisticated, real-time services and products like Neuron ESB,” said Zakrzewski.