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Bi-Directional access to NetSuite SRP Projects with Microsoft Project

The NetSuite SRP Add-in for Microsoft Project is available directly from the Office ribbon. Upload or download project data with the click of a button.

Office Ribbon
Add Configuration
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Simple Configuration

Log-into NetSuite with your username and password or use Token-Based Authentication.


Watch the video on Peregrine Connect’s NetSuite SRP add-in for Microsoft Project

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Download NetSuite Resources

Add all of your NetSuite project resources to Microsoft Project

  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Generic Resources
Get Resources
Get Resources Oracle
Upload Project MS Project
Upload Project MS Project
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Add Microsoft Projects to NetSuite SRP

Upload project data from Microsoft Project to NetSuite

  • Upload newly created project from Microsoft Project
  • Download and modify NetSuite SRP projects in Microsoft Project
  • Upload modified projects back into NetSuite SRP
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Download Project from NetSuite SRP

Browse a list of your projects in NetSuite and download the project details into Microsoft Project

  • Use Microsoft Project to view projects from NetSuite SRP
  • Download NetSuite SRP projects for online viewing
  • Modify downloaded projects and upload changes into NetSuite SRP
Downloading Projects
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“Project management and planning is now seamless with time and billing, allowing us to work more intelligently and productively than ever before.”

— Scott Quin, Senior Director, Power Costs, Inc.

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