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Receive and consolidate data from various sources and identifying exceptions with Neuron ESB.

Neuron ESB Oil & Gas

This paper examines some of the most prevalent business and technical integration challenges facing clients today, and how Neuron ESB effectively and efficiently addresses those challenges.

This white paper specifically describes the value of having an Exception- Based Surveillance (EBS) system for an Exploration & Production (E&P) organization. It also illustrates the reference architecture and technical details for implementing an EBS solution using Neuron ESB middleware.

Executive Summary
In response to rapid production growth and the increasing size and complexity of asset portfolios, oil and gas operators are turning to Exception-Based Surveillance (EBS) to reduce lease operating expense, decrease deferred production, reduce non-productive time, alleviate hiring constraints, and improve cash flow in today’s uncertain environment.

EBS is a signal-based operating model that utilizes remote monitoring capabilities through control systems to proactively identify unplanned production disruptions and focus personnel time on value-added tasks.

The model primarily involves:

  • Monitoring of signals from control systems and critical operational data
  • Identification and recording of problem scenarios (exceptions) based on pre-defined rules
  • Initiation and tracking of the appropriate business process to resolve the exception based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Performing analytics for monitoring system health and improving the model

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