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To remain competitive, digital-first companies must build, deploy, and integrate applications faster than ever. Microservice architectures enable the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications, while containers allow IT operations and development teams to build, ship and run any application, anywhere. Learn how to create a Neuron ESB microservices architecture, virtualize a service or an app, give developers self-service capabilities to expose a REST service with business logic, and spin-up a Docker container.

See how convenient it can be to develop microservices-based Neuron ESB solutions using containers. Integrate your monolithic application environment with Neuron ESB, containerize it, and make the most of microservices. This 30-minute session covers:

  • Design principles for a Neuron ESB microservices architecture
  • How to use Neuron ESB and Docker to more quickly implement microservices in your organization
  • We’ll also give you sneak peek of how Neuron ESB 3.6 will allow users to host individual adapter and service end-points and “dockerize” them

Source:  Enterprise Integration Summit - Integration Developer News

About the Presenter

Author's Name
Joe Klug

Solution Architect, Peregrine Connect

Joe Klug is a Solution Architect for Peregrine Connect, responsible for pre-sales engineering, post-sales support, training, architectural reviews, product development and consulting. Prior to joining the team, he spent a number of years at Microsoft.

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