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To remain competitive, digital-first companies must build, deploy, and integrate applications faster than ever. Microservice architectures enable the continuous delivery/deployment of large, complex applications, while containers allow IT operations and development teams to build, ship and run any application, anywhere. Learn how to create a Neuron ESB microservices architecture, virtualize a service or an app, give developers self-service capabilities to expose a REST service with business logic, and spin-up a Docker container.

See how convenient it can be to develop microservices-based Neuron ESB solutions using containers. Integrate your monolithic application environment with Neuron ESB, containerize it, and make the most of microservices. This 30-minute session covers:

  • Design principles for a Neuron ESB microservices architecture
  • How to use Neuron ESB and Docker to more quickly implement microservices in your organization
  • We’ll also give you sneak peek of how Neuron ESB 3.6 will allow users to host individual adapter and service end-points and “dockerize” them

Source:  Enterprise Integration Summit - Integration Developer News

About the Presenter

Author's Name
Manoj Talreja

Principal Software Engineer, Neuron ESB

Manoj is one of the lead engineers for Neuron ESB where his work includes .NET and WPF work. He is focused on product development and ensuring the backend engine (which supports RabbitMQ, MSMQ and TCP) performs optimally.