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Neuron Reporting Infographic

Neuron ESB's reporting features allow you to track and monitor audited messages, executed workflow activity and workflow state. You can also monitor message, health and traffic statistics in real time, as well as view, save, edit or resubmit any message or group of messages.

Message reporting

Using Neuron ESB's reporting capability, you can select a filtered date range to get historical reports on all processed or failed messages. You can also drill into any message to see its payload or metadata. Or save messages to the file system for further processing or analysis. Neuron ESB even allows you to track related messages, as well as bulk edit and resubmit messages back to any endpoint or party.

Real-time activity monitoring

Neuron ESB's Endpoint Health interface lets you see current workflow execution activity, as well as message count, size and rate of your running environment. Activity tracking and message statistics can also be monitored for all remotely connected clients using Neuron ESB's Activity Session reporting. Together, these features provide a complete, real-time view into Neuron ESB's executing environment.

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Comprehensive workflow tracking

Advanced tracking and playback features enable you to group, sort, filter, search and analyze all information related to workflow execution. Or explore conditions and view exception messages for workflow errors. You can also collect and report execution history, observe current executing status, or play back executed workflows, viewing both input arguments and output values for each activity.

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