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Learn more about our Industry-Leading Peregrine Connect Integration and API Platform

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Managing your integration projects from end to end is easy with Neuron ESB. That’s because Neuron ESB leverages Microsoft’s server infrastructure by exposing the same features and capabilities you already use to manage your existing IT environment.

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Flexible solution deployment

Deploy your integration solutions directly from the command-line using XCOPY deployment or Neuron ESB Explorer import/export packages. You can also deploy from source control systems such as Git and Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Using environmental variables, Neuron ESB enables you to cleanly separate development, testing and production systems to further simplify deployment across your infrastructure.

Real-time activity tracking

Neuron ESB enables real-time tracking of counts, size and rates of messages passing through the bus since the last restart. Endpoint health features give you full control of individual endpoints, as well as a historical view of messages processed by service and connector endpoints. And Neuron ESB’s SQL Server-based tracking enables you to monitor and report remote client active sessions, complete message history and all failed messages.

Comprehensive health monitoring

Neuron ESB works with all your organization's existing operations tools. Although Neuron ESB has its own monitoring tool, it ships with a variety of Microsoft and other technology extensions, so it works just as easily with Microsoft and other third-party operations platforms.

  • Detect failed messages and control endpoint state changes using Microsoft WMI events
  • Track statistics and state using Microsoft WMI performance counters
  • Embed, track and monitor in any portal using RESTful interfaces
  • Record all system event information to the Windows event log
  • Configure more verbose logging to send data to Neuron ESB’s trace logs
  • Discover runtimes and endpoints on the network using WS-Discovery

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