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Irvine, Calif. – June 2, 2008 –
 Neudesic, a leading provider of business solutions that leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft product line, is pleased to announce the participation of its flagship product, Neuron-ESB, in the upcoming Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit taking place June 9-11 in Orlando, FL.

Neuron-ESB is an Enterprise Service Bus that extends the Microsoft Platform by providing realtime messaging, integration and web service management. Neuron-ESB accelerates SOA adoption by helping companies successfully implement real-time integration across their enterprise, allowing timely response to changing events within their business.

Neuron-ESB is built on the Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology to provide real-time reliable messaging options for companies adopting SOA. Neuron-ESB manages all communication over the bus by sending messages over “Topics” using a publishsubscribe pattern and supports federated, geographic deployments. Neuron-ESB helps companies administer and automate complex tasks and is proven to significantly reduce the infrastructure, development, training and long term support costs for businesses developing SOA solutions.

Neuron-ESB delivers a unique set of capabilities that extend and combine key strategic Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 & RFID, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 3.0, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office, .NET 3.0/3.5, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), WCF Line of Business Connectors and MSMQ. The synergy between Neuron-ESB and these products empower companies to develop more robust and business-aware applications with far less effort and complexity.

The 20th Edition of Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit provides a complete view of SOA, SaaS, Web Services, Application Development & Integration, and emerging trends. In 6 tracks and 70+ sessions, the Summit covers the hottest topics across SOA & application infrastructure.

Neuron-ESB will be located at booth K1 at the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit taking place June 9-11 in Orlando, FL.

About the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit

Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit 2008 is the most focused event of its kind designed to help enterprises prepare for the challenges of the changing nature of software infrastructure and what it means for development, integration, web services and architecture initiatives. Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit hits the critical spot between the strategic planning and tactical advice IT organizations need to benchmark strategies on SOA, Service Oriented Integration and Development and more. Additional information is available at


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