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Neuron ESB, an application, service and workflow integration platform, announced today its SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Connector, simplifying and accelerating SAP integration across the enterprise. Neuron ESB’s SAP ERP Connector supports the widest range of integration scenarios and all of SAP ERP’s connectivity options out of the box. Users are armed with a flexible integration architecture and the ability to seamlessly connect SAP to Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Tech Data and any other third party system or application, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

IWB, provider of energy infrastructure and utility services for the Swiss city of Basel, is using Neuron ESB’s SAP ERP Connector to integrate Microsoft CRM and SharePoint with SAP. “We have a complex infrastructure that blends on-premise solutions with online services such as CRM Online and Azure Services for custom applications. It’s critical for our IT staff to provide .NET integrations quickly and effectively – and we rely on Neuron ESB to simplify and accelerate the development process,” said their Microsoft Applications Specialist. “We implement 90 percent of our functionality in Neuron ESB workflows, and options such as the SAP Connector help ensure a smooth process from start to finish.”

“Integrated SAP connectivity demonstrates Neuron ESB’s broad value in enabling enterprises with the most powerful and ubiquitous business tools,” said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President, Neuron ESB. “Our connector strategy removes the complexity of integrating Microsoft .NET infrastructure to SAP ERP, enabling users to complete SAP integrations quickly and without costly third-party technical consultants.”

Neuron ESB’s SAP Connector is the latest addition to its library of high quality, reliable connectors, helping users reduce cost and time to market for integration projects featuring common on-premise and cloud applications, as well as most protocol, database and queueing technologies. When one-of-a-kind legacy systems and applications require integration, Neuron ESB’s intuitive .NET environment enables users to quickly and easily build custom connectors using Microsoft Visual Studio. Developers avoid the complexities of underlying APIs and communication infrastructure, adapting solutions based on Neuron ESB’s type-agnostic design.

The Neuron ESB SAP Connector is available through Neuron ESB. Click here to learn more about Neuron ESB’s SAP ERP integration capabilities, or contact Neuron ESB sales at

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