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Neuron ESB, an application, service and workflow integration platform, announced today Neuron ESB’s Cumulative Update 4 (CU4), providing a slate of new features and enhancements designed to expand secure cloud connectivity and API interoperability. Neuron ESB is the only integration product built for the Microsoft .NET platform, quickly and easily connecting business critical platforms, systems and applications, both on premises and in the cloud.

Neuron ESB’s CU4 feature pack provides over 60 new features, enhancements and connectors. The numerous enhancements include, Swagger/API management, workflowconnectors and OAUTH integration. CU4’s host of new connectors for cloud-based tools and services include CertainSafeNetSuiteDropboxAmazonMarketoTwilioApple Push Notifications and more.


“We’re very excited about this update from Neuron ESB,” said Brett Raven, Chief Technology Officer for Australia-based ecommerce company, Lux Group. “We depend on Neuron ESB to manage each and every backend transaction for our company. We are eager to get our hands on the new powerful functionality and host of new features that CU4 brings to the platform.”

The CU4 feature pack enables users to better capitalize on emerging cloud applications, building on Neuron ESB’s proven time-to-market advantage using the Microsoft .NET Platform. Users have an intuitive framework on which to build their own connectors, in addition to a comprehensive slate of pre-built connectors for most commodity transports, queuing technologies, databases and on-premise/cloud applications.

“By delivering a richer, more complete set of features, enhancements and connectors with every release, Neuron ESB enables even faster deployment of cloud tools and services, streamlines integration and reduces development resources. Development teams are more productive, building secure end-user solutions quickly and easily by capitalizing most effectively on their internal .NET capabilities,” said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President, Neuron ESB.

In addition to workflow enhancements, the CU4 release also introduces a number of new JSON/Swagger-enabled features to augment existing API management support. CU4’s new repositories and access methods make using APIs easier and useful for organizations incorporating a greater number of REST (HTTP)-based services. OAuth integration has been added to easily authorize web service calls using Neuron ESB’s Service Broker and supported connectors (HTTP/REST service endpoints); supported authorization services include Amazon, Azure Active Directory/ADFS, Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! and more.

CU4 provides significant enhancements to Neuron ESB’s Rabbit MQ transport, supporting SSL security protocols and increasing performance by three-fold while, while extending the reliability of Rabbit MQ’s transactional model.

Through its comprehensive connector library and interoperable APIs, Neuron ESB enables users to embed a broad range of services and applications in their custom solutions. For instance, modernizing capabilities such as marketing through Marketo can include integrating services with ERP, e-commerce and CRM applications such as NetSuite, Salesforce and Dynamics CRM. Neuron ESB’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) connector complements Neuron ESB’s Azure Service Bus connector enabling easy integration with solutions in the cloud. Its Zuora connector allows commerce, billing and finance SaaS products to be built directly into the developer’s own subscription-based services. Neuron ESB now interacts easily with iOS mobile devices, both sending receiving alerts and notifications via its connector for Apple Push Notifications and Twilio.


Details and release notes are available here:  Neuron ESB’s CU4 is available now for existing users, or as a new release for new customers.

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Neuron ESB is an application, service and workflow integration platform that simplifies messaging, system integration and Web service enablement. It facilitates quick integration of disparate applications and speeds up the adoption of service-oriented architecture. Built on Microsoft .NET, Neuron ESB enables clients to leverage existing in-house developer skills and tools to deploy projects in a matter of weeks rather than months. Neuron ESB has clients around the globe in a variety of industries. To learn more, visit

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