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Irvine, Calif., June 5, 2009 — Neudesic LLC, a leading provider of business solutions that leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft product line, announced today the release of version 2.1 of Neuron-ESB. Neuron-ESB is built on the Microsoft platform, providing real-time messaging, integration and web service management. Neuron-ESB accelerates SOA adoption by helping businesses successfully implement real-time integration across their enterprise.

The release of Neuron-ESB 2.1 provides new capabilities to businesses by delivering native Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration and a greater scale of performance and business processing flexibility. By utilizing Neuron-ESB 2.1, businesses can significantly reduce the cost of integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM into their organization. In addition, Neuron-ESB 2.1 ships with a new Process Pipeline Designer that enables organizations to quickly develop business processing steps without the introduction of complex workflow tools and technologies, specialized skills or custom code. Organizations can use the Process Pipeline Designer to quickly integrate disparate applications.

Buffini & Company, the largest Real Estate business coaching and training company in North America, is an early adopter of the new CRM integration capabilities included with Neuron-ESB 2.1. “Without these systems, we would not have realized the internal efficiencies that we have seen,” said Buffini’s CFO Jim Polzin. “We anticipate saving between $250,000 and $500,000 in the first year of utilizing the full Neuron-ESB 2.1/Microsoft CRM solution. We expect those savings to come both from increased productivity and from tools that increase the effectiveness of our sales force. Since our e-commerce platform went live in July 2008, we have received$1.7 million of revenue from that source, putting us on pace for $3 million in the first full year.”

After selecting Microsoft Dynamics CRM as their enterprise CRM platform, Buffini realized that their CRM needed to be integrated with their existing Great Plains, custom ERP system, their custom e-commerce system and the membership system. Buffini soon learned that building custom integration between these systems to share pertinent data would cost them at least 50% more than buying and implementing Neuron-ESB.

“Our division’s culture has always been to deliver greater business value for our customers through creative innovation on the Microsoft Platform. Reducing costs while increasing the productivity of organizations who adopt our platform is clearly our goal,” stated Marty Wasznicky, Vice President of Product Development. “Neuron-ESB 2.1 demonstrates the achievement of this goal through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration it provides as well as the flexibility of the new Process Pipeline Designer.”

Neuron-ESB 2.1 provides real-time event based integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM through simple, graphical user interfaces. This allows configuration and publication of LIVE real-time data to Neuron-ESB. No custom coding or development skills are required. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured in Neuron-ESB 2.1 to be a subscriber of topics on the bus.

Neuron-ESB 2.1 is built on the Microsoft Windows Communication Framework (WCF) technology to provide real-time reliable messaging options for companies. Neuron-ESB manages all communication over the bus by sending messages over “Topics” using a publish-subscribe pattern and supports federated, geographic deployments. Neuron-ESB is proven to significantly reduce the infrastructure, development, training and long term support costs for businesses developing SOA solutions.

Neuron-ESB 2.1 delivers a unique set of capabilities that extend and combine key strategic Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 & RFID, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 3.0, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office, WCF Line of Business Connectors and MSMQ. The synergy between Neuron-ESB and these products empowers companies to develop more robust and business-aware applications with far less effort and complexity.


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