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Neudesic, the trusted technology partner in business innovation and a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV, has released a new case study with customer APQC.  APQC is a member-based nonprofit and the world’s leading resource for benchmarking and best practice business research. In 2010, the company underwent the process of updating their corporate website along with how they gathered and disseminated customer information that came in from the website.

“We wanted to make every visit to our website a unique experience for our customers,” said Scott Sorensen, APQC’s enterprise software architect. “By connecting our website to CRM, customers would be able to see their recent activity—events they’ve attended and literature they’ve read, for instance.”

Sorensen’s team agreed that an enterprise service bus was the best way to connect their internal business systems and web services. However, many ESB products they looked at did not meet their needs.  APQC runs on .NET and use Drupal, an open-source content management system. They discovered that Neuron-ESB was a perfect fit for their organization.

“What we liked about Neuron is that it spoke our language; namely .NET,” said Sorensen. “Neuron’s event-based connector for CRM gives us real-time visibility into our company’s different business systems. And the fact that all inbound requests from Drupal to Neuron are RESTful made Neuron-ESB a perfect fit for us.”

The results APQC experienced after using Neuron-ESB include:

  • Detailed insight into customer interactions
  • Event-based integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint
  • 100% REST to SOAP translation
  • Completed project 50% faster, 50% under budget and without the need for outside consultants

Read the compete case study at:

About APQC

APQC is the leading resource for performance analytics, best practices, process improvement, and knowledge management. The organization’s research studies, benchmarking databases, and renowned Knowledge Base provide managers with intelligence to transform their organizations. A member-based nonprofit founded in 1977, APQC serves Global 1000, government, and nonprofit organizations. For information, visit or call +1-713-681-4020.

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