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Unqork, a SaaS-based start-up that is transforming front-end sales for the insurance industry, today announced its selection of Neuron ESB application integration engine and web services integration platform on which it will scale its rapidly growing business. Unqork has created the only proven platform that solves the insurance carrier digitization problem and will utilize Neuron ESB to unleash the power of end-to-end integration.

Unqork will implement Neuron ESB to foster its data management discipline, enhance infrastructure capabilities, enable deeper insights, and optimize the customer experience. Its patent-pending technology surfaces underwriting rules to the point of sale using a no-code, configured-once approach without the need to make any changes to legacy systems. Unqork gives insurance carriers a white-labeled platform with an intuitive interface, coupled with a backend that uses artificial intelligence to guarantee fast and clean policy application fulfillment.

“As we move to simplify the complexity of insurance sales, we chose Neuron ESB because of its reputation as an incredibly intuitive and powerful integration platform that will allow us to deploy new integrations in days, not months,” said Dave Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer, Unqork. “Neuron ESB’s high availability, scalability and performance will ultimately help us give our customers fantastic experiences and worry-free fulfillment.”

“We reached out to a number of integration providers, like Mulesoft, and in the end, we couldn’t find anybody that could work with the secure web services and APIs that we needed to integrate with, until we got to Neuron ESB,” said Sullivan. “Very quickly the Neuron ESB team was able to turn around a bit of customized code and then ultimately the platform itself in order to help us.”

“Unqork is a fascinating company that is at the leading edge of the insurance industry’s digital transformation,” said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President, Neuron ESB. “We’re excited to watch them upend the insurance market using cutting-edge technologies, like Neuron ESB, to automate and simplify processes, improve operating efficiencies, and deliver an exceptional experience.”

Neuron ESB Version 3.5 is available now. Download a free trial or contact Neuron ESB sales for more information at

About Unqork
Unqork is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company digitizing sales for the insurance industry. Unqork works with carriers and distributors to simplify the most complex financial transactions across life, property and casualty insurance, annuities, and specialty insurance. To learn more, please visit

Learn more about the Neuron ESB application integration engine:


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