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Peregrine Connect, an easy-to-use application, workflow and service integration and management platform, will demonstrate its new suite of integration products, Management Suite and Design Studio, as well as its flagship product, Neuron ESB, at Gartner’s Application Strategies & Solutions Summit in Las Vegas on December 3rd – 5th.

Peregrine Connect’s Hybrid Integration Platform introduces a new, robust set of capabilities for designing, connecting, and managing enterprise integration projects on-premise or in the cloud. The Management Suite and Design Studio enable actionable visibility, pin-point diagnostics, and unified control across your entire set of integration environments, all from a single web-based portal.

Using the Peregrine platform, organizations can connect their applications, create APIs, and deploy their business processes in minutes. Peregrine Connect’s powerful new capabilities, coupled with enhanced user experience, expedite projects across application, data and service integration, and business workflows.

The Peregrine Connect platform is built on Microsoft .NET Core, enabling organizations to leverage existing .NET resources to easily connect systems and applications in a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost compared to more complex integration products. The Peregrine Connect Hybrid Integration Platform provides a powerful set of products built for .NET developers that significantly reduces integration costs and deployment time from months to a matter of days.

“We’re excited to demonstrate how the Design Studio and Management Suite enhance the platform’s ability to enable our customers to accelerate and reduce the cost of difficult integration projects,” said Marty Wasznicky, Vice President of Peregrine Connect. “New user experience, time-saving design tools coupled with an end-to-end management experience will be on display at the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit.”

To schedule a time to receive a personal demonstration of Peregrine Connect at booth #413, visit our event page.

About Peregrine & Neuron ESB

Peregrine Connect & Neuron-ESB are both built on Microsoft .NET Core and provide real-time, reliable messaging, business processing, workflow, application, and web service integration options for companies that require either on-premise or cloud integration. Peregrine Connect is a comprehensive run time, design time, and management platform that can deploy in the cloud, on-premise or a distributed (hybrid) topology. With a focus on agility, ease of use, and operational efficiency on the Microsoft Platform, Peregrine effectively lowers the total cost of integration for many organizations around the world, including the Australian Government, Compassion International, Bluecrest Capital, Bahrain Financial, Danmarks Nationalbank and Coronation Fund.


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