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Peregrine Connect Application, API, and Workflow integration platform has been selected by D&H Distributing to increase their volume of transactions, integrate with existing applications and platforms, and reduce development & deployment costs. D&H specializes in distributing IT and consumer electronics throughout the nation. Customizing solutions to each partner’s needs and providing operational support helps them capitalize on new and incremental market opportunities. 

D&H Distributing – Challenges Faced

D&H’s critical requirement was processing large volumes of transactions throughout its operations. D&H needed its integration platform to scale to meet its internal processing requirements and customer obligations. This was based on D&H’s focus on building for growth, which resulted in increased demands and scalability needs. D&H chose to switch from its existing platform to Peregrine Connect because of Peregrine’s flexibility and stability while significantly reducing its development and deployment costs. 

D&H – Maximizing Output while Reducing the Total Cost to Ownership 

Since the Peregrine Connect implementation, D&H successfully manages data within their systems for multiple Lines of Businesses such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Warehouse Management System, and others ERP modules. D&H can now process a daily average of 1.5 million messages with a daily peak volume of 7.5 million messages, which was impossible before Peregrine Connect’s implementation. In addition to managing their data, they modernized their technology by adopting REST APIs for their core integration while reducing development and deployment costs. 

“We work with many vendors, and Peregrine Connect has been an extremely valuable business partner. The Peregrine Connect Product Team has proven to be instrumental as we move forward with our growth strategy. Their services have been above and beyond our expectations—and D&H sets a high bar for its partners.”

Michael Henry, Senior Director Application Development, D&H Distributing 

Business Values 

  • Doubled their sales orders processing since migrating to Peregrine Connect from their existing integration platforms 
  • D&H processes a daily average of 1.5 million messages with a daily peak volume of 7.5 million messages
  • Seamless integration with their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and line of business systems 
  • Pricing and the total cost of ownership was less expensive than other competitive vendors they evaluated.
  • D&H was able to separate its major applications into a more service-oriented architecture using Peregrine Connect’s microservice hosting model
  • Flexibility to implement the solution without changing endpoints for constant consumer’s data synchronization 
  • Completely automating their deployments allowed them to reduce resources significantly 

About D&H 

D&H Distributing has been a privately-held technology provider for nearly 105 years, specializing in distributing IT and consumer electronics to mid-market and SMB companies throughout North America. They propel partners’ success, infusing innovative strategies, consultative support, and leading technology solutions to fuel sustainable growth. D&H is one of the top companies on the Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies and one of the largest private employers in Central Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit

About Peregrine Connect

Peregrine Connect is one of the leading integration platforms that enables businesses to simplify the design, deployment, hosting, management of applications, APIs, and workflows. The platform secures the most critical integrations and business processes with actionable visibility, pinpoint diagnostics, alerting, and unified control across your entire organization. Peregrine Connect enables your Microsoft .NET resources to be reused and extended to further simplify the integration of applications and the automation of critical business functions.

The Peregrine Connect product portfolio encompasses Neuron ESB, Management Suite, Design Studio, and NetSuite PSA Add-In for Microsoft Project. Peregrine Connect offers an innovative set of connectors for popular enterprise applications. It provides robust data integration features and a simple yet flexible UI to design & execute integrations for organizations of all sizes. Customers benefit from a superior development experience, better performance, reduced complexity, and immediate time-to-value. Peregrine Connect customers deploy projects in a matter of weeks rather than months with clients around the globe in a variety of industries. To learn more, visit


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